kinda cross posting from the COMPASS thread but…i figured it should live here as well since its the noiz source of it all.

this is the noiz of HAVEN looped back into COMPASS:

here’s a pic of the noiz circuit…

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i was experimenting with controlling HAVEN with a 16n fader controller.

could you add the ability to see the changes on the HAVEN main screen?

i can only see changes being made while on the parameters page.


Is it possible to map MIDI? I’m using an Akai with faders and there’s no movement at all.


I (still) do not own a Norns, so I cannot look into these issues, unfortunately…

This synth engine is amazing. Thanks so much for this.

And I echo this request, if at all possible.

And PS: You made this script without owning a Norns @LFSaw ? Impressive.


i’d like to add tags to this thread, how do I do that?

I’d love more synths like this, perhaps with a little more control, but still based around an influence/feedback system. I think in general, the norns ecosystem could have at least a few more synths from the stranger end of the spectrum—perhaps a little Florian Hecker influence(?).


@loma, have you tried the benjolis script? Certainly some strange things to be found there :slight_smile: I agree more would be awesome, tho


Yes, and I love it. Different flavors would be great, tho.

For example, I wonder if someone could approximate Meng Qi’s Wing Pinger. I know, I know—it doesn’t exist in the wild yet, but hey, it’s a worth a shot.

But back to this thread: Different flavors of Haven would also be cool.


Please update your copy of haven.

Thanks to the awesome contribution of a norns shield by certain developers, I was able to get back to it. Update from within the maiden package manager.

Here’s the changelog:


  • de-cluttered GUI
  • stream-lined control what I see as norns-related best-practice
  • updated splash-screen
  • fix for MIDI-induced paramter changes failing to update the norns screen by justmat.

Please read the splash-screen for updated control strategies; I hope it is now a lot easier to navigate.

Let me know what you think!


thank you so much for the update!
seeing the changes from MIDI control is GREAT!

getting lost in the noiz of this script again.


last night’s broadcast was very HAVEN heavy…
even took a feed from it and made sliced up rhythmic noiz with @dan_derks Cheat Codes.


quite cool. happy it found some use for you!

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