Having to log in every time I visit

Just wondering if anyone else is getting this. Seems to be only on my iPhone 8 Plus. Not a huge deal because password autofill is amazing :wink:

Yep, same here on my iPhone. Started just a day or two ago. And my web browser logins on my other computers also got logged out at the same time, but they don’t seem to require another login. I wonder if the admins changed a forum setting or cookie expiration of some sort.

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I’m experiencing this too. Seems like it might be because of an update to Discourse…

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According to that thread, simply tapping on the address bar in Safari and hitting enter will refresh the page in a way that logs you back in. That’s working for me. The issue is apparently fixed in the latest Discourse build.


Thanks for the info gang. :metal:

So… do we need to wait for the admins here to update the lines Discourse install (to get the fix)?

there’s on ongoing conversation here, trying to fix it. does not affect all browsers. waiting for an upstream fix.

I am using the DiscourseHub app on my iPhone. No logouts here.

I had no idea that existed, trying it now…

Edit: logged in ok, seems solid so far…

This is definitely an easy solution. Working like a charm for me

today it seems to have just gone back to working for me as mysteriously as it stopped?


I wish I could solve all of my problems in life by just posting about them and poof. Fixed! Lol


It seems that if I follow an external link, and then use the back button to go back to lines, it’s logged me out.

Same thing here, different web apps, same results.

Still having this problem every time I visit using my phone (safari on iOS)

I was having the problem before I switched over to the DiscourseHub app. It seems super solid…

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I’m actually having this problem on Firefox in windows 10, but it isn’t happening on IOS for me.

I’m having this issue every time. Using iPadOS beta.

Strangely having to log in every time I follow a link from the forum to another website. I’m using Safari on macOS Mojave.

I haven’t had this problem on a desktop (Mac OS Mojave, Firefox) but it does happen often – but not always – on my iPhone (iOS 12.3.1, Safari).

I swear I don’t have anywhere near this many different phones: