Haze - four track live granular looper

This worked great, and the app is lots of fun!

That would be great! Encoder 1? I really love the Twister, but I really do not like using the side buttons. Usually have to use 2 hands to press and not knock the thing across the desk. :man_facepalming:

Might do a mod of this that adds the rec on/off and loop selection control to the norns. I feel like that is the only thing missing from making this + a 16n a killer combo.


Sounds awesome, if this is a small mod then I’d be up for merging this in if you’re up for sending a PR on github :slight_smile:

Yea makes sense, I should push this out soon!

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Ok that was easy: v1.1.0 is out adding bank-switching using Norns encoder 1.
This is synced with MFT, so you also don’t have to use the side buttons.


Ok. That’s nice but does not work for me as the display is not updating live - only after switching the page. Or am I missing something?

(Don’t get me wrong, this is only a feedback and by no means a request! I am grateful for your work and I definitely can live without it.)

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Maybe then 16n will work?

Ah cool I know what you’re saying. Let me figure something out - it might take a bit of time though as I wasn’t originally thinking of this usecase but it is definitely worthwhile to add if people want to use the UI with other controllers!

16n should work already, you just have to map the params you want through Norns params menu!


I’ve never installed this way before. I’ve only installed via FTP and, of course, the library. Could you explain how this works from maiden? Thanks.

If I may: just insert this into maiden’s command line at the bottom and hit return.

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I saw this on the forum in a couple of places, I believe it’s from here - maiden - docs - on the bottom there’s a section for the command line interface, and there’s maiden project install.

The script is available on maiden now so can be installed “normally” :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @mbutz + @szymon_k. Much appreciated.

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v1.2.0 is out brining UI refreshing working with midi-mapped devices. Tested with my 16n and everything seems to work. Let me know if you find any bugs!

CC: @emho, @mbutz


Thanks! Will try to test it today


Brilliant :clap: . A big thank you!

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I just installed this from Maiden (haven’t tried it yet) and realized that it’s the only script there that starts with an uppercase letter, which explains why I didn’t find it when checking the list by alphabetical order :slight_smile:

Oh no I didn’t notice this - should I lowercase it?

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After the second installation I noticed that when using the Maiden GUI install method (as opposed to ;install...) I got something like


Previous installations with ;install... just resulted in a /haze folder. So actually I had two installations then (one in the folder /haze and one within /Haze.)

Don’t know whether this is relevant though.

great work. one quick question since i haven’t found them in the code yet. Are the OSC parameter names exposed somewhere?

Quick update - haze is now lowercase in maiden (and sorted alphabetically) - you should uninstall the old uppercase version and install the new one.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Honestly I haven’t been paying attention to OSC, are these automatic when using params? If so, then you can find the parameters here: haze/track.lua at da3bd4afc976d3377e7754ac6ce1922aaaa616d3 · szymonkaliski/haze · GitHub (the code is a little bit weird though) hope that helps!

thanks. I always assumed they need to be declared as params. I’ll have a look and see, if i can make soemthing out if it