Healthy Lives - Motives

Hi everyone! I’m releasing my third and most ‘compositional’ and process-driven album. It’s been much inspired by the community and discussions here. My approach was to begin with either a generative device or a simple melodic motif, and progress through the interplay of accident and intent.

Motives combines “new music” instrumentation and intentional compositional motifs with more generative electronic production techniques.

It is available on the usual streaming platforms; I’ll link to bandcamp here. DL codes below.

Here’s a little track by track reveal, with links as possible to tools or points of inspiration. I hope this kind of process dive is helpful. Thank you!

I had the rare and delightful experience of a vision emerging as I worked on this song–walking thorugh a forest, encountering a clearing, and finding something delightful on the other side. Shout to ELPHNT’s ‘arps’ pack here.

02_Only the World, Lit or Unlit
Maximalist minimalism-style loops; investigating LFOs and delays. Special nod to the ‘max delaytaps’ device included in the ‘Forge by Hecq’ pack from Ableton.

03_Route Repetition
One of my earliest Aalto experiments, both the drone and piano are from the same patch, on different tracks (and different octaves!)

04_Not in Speech but Bodily Performance
Several long takes arranged and EQ’d after direct input from the Lo-Fi Poly Piano patch for the C&G Organelle.

05_Pocket Knot
Experimenting with the sample playback sequencer Sempler, set up as a generative “duel” between two devices working on the same sample with different settings.

06_For PD, in the Other Room
Written for my mother-in-law during a recent visit, shortly before she suddently passed away this past spring. Here I wanted to experiment exclusively with simple, looped and offset string motifs. Strings are from spitfire audio’s awesome free LABS samplesets.

Beginning with sampling and a “random” mouse-clicking jam with Teropa’s amazing web port of Laurie Spiegel’s music mouse software, the arrangement is composed through a serendipitous moment of a falling leaf landing in my hand while out on a walk.

Inspired first by finding a background rhythmic loop from vinyl crackle, melodics arose from experimenting with an envelope follower after fine tuning ableton’s ‘formant evolve pad’ for Operator.

Download codes, use them!!!