Heap - Auguste

Hey everyone! I have just released my new EP ‘Heap’ on my bandcamp today, I have been working and sitting on these tracks for the past couple of months and felt that they all represented my energy over late winter/early spring. Spending much more time at my allotment, watching seedlings begin to grow, turning compost heaps and seeing the landscape around here begin to unfurl and open up slowly as the days get longer and warmer.

Watching birds slowly become acustomed to a new feeder, compressing fuzzy garden moments and light streams together, these tracks were put together over the last few months in Devon.

Made through granular decomposition of the compost heap.

:ussss, somewhisper and ow:rd were created using Smartphones/Lil pup max for live devices along with [less concepts]: max for live and Ekphras. All of these devices are super inspiring and allowed me to look at making sounds in Ableton in a way much more akin to how I use my modular synth.

dwn and with were both created on my 104hp modular synth as I was learning teletype and w/2 beta again both super inspiring, I’m still just scratching the surface with teletype but loving every second as I work out its language.

The field recordings in some of the tracks were made in woodlands around where I live. Some from the allotment which is in a field right at the edge of the village, at the bottom there are some big oak trees, covered in ivy, where lots of small birds and squirrels live. Watching the birds fly around collecting materials for their nests in this tree line and the hedges that surround the allotment field have been very therapeutic.

Thank you for reading+listening :seedling:


Wow, I really love this. Thanks for sharing!

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i’ll admit that i bought this blind…

i like the cover and am curious to know how you used a similar setup to what i’ve got (ekphras / tt / smartphones / w2)

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@robbbiecloset ah thank you so much, means alot!! @glia amazing thank you! Hope you enjoy it/find it intresting to compare. Its such a fun setup im still getting to grips with how they all interact together, feels like so much to explore!


I like the scribble on your blind panel. :lizard:

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Added to my wishlist so I can check it out. Super interested to hear both setups/approaches.


@robertsyrett ah thank you, I have been doing alot more drawing exercises recently, I love the quality of marks when drawing under tight restrictions. I think that one was like 10 seconds with both hands at once :open_hands: I have grown quite attached to it although I have just friends coming in the next few weeks so it will have to go!! Maybe move to my wall for awhile.
@Zeke_B ah thank you so much! I think teletype and w/2 in my eurorack and smartphones and Ekphras in Ableton feel like there is some continuity between both approaches, or at least feels like that when working between both setups at the moment!

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