Heart Hz (New album by SIMO)

Hey everyone I recently completed an album called Heart Hz that I’d love to share. It can be heard here:

Here’s a blurb:

The compositional core (heart?!) of Heart Hz is a sequencer designed in Max/MSP consisting of 4 independent MIDI pulse streams used to control a handful of complimentary instrumental voices. Pulse streams are sent to Ableton where they are either quantized to a scale/range/sequence before triggering software instruments and sample banks OR are converted to control voltage and used to trigger notes/events on a modular synthesizer. The rate of each stream is mapped to a midi fader controller along with various other instrumental parameters (pitch range, sample selection, scales, articulations, etc.) thus creating a playable interface for performance. In essence, I created a network of relationships that I thought would lead to musical results. The writing process was a loop of designing, improvising with, listening to, and then re-designing (tweaking) this network in the spirit of finding musical and inspiring pockets and gestures. Once I felt I had sufficient ideas recorded, I edited, mixed, and in a few cases overdubbed other instruments in order to accentuate the musicality and phrasing of the output.

Hope you all enjoy. Love this community and everything that people are making. Really inspiring stuff. All the best to everyone.