hecatomb [cci.dev]


mod to keep cci always up to date. must install cci first.


HECATOMB: CAPTAIN, we are still working to get your norns/shield connected to the CCI’s mycochain. Until AT field sync, I suggest you enable this mod to ensure continuous automatic downloads of CCI. It will make for a more immersive experience.

HECATOMB: We do not have an ETA on CCI v1.0.0 golden release. But I fear it may be measured in decades, perhaps even longer than the fabled “728.2 Year Dev Cycle of Dwarf Fortress.”

HECATOMB: It goes without saying this is experimental technology and unexpected side effects may occur. I would advise backing up any sacred files you’ve created since your time in isolation before enabling this mod. Northern Information, LLC is not liable for any personal loss or damages. Installing this mod means you understand the dire pressure of these frozen depths. That said, I - HECATOMB, your sworn artificial intelligence - am taking the HIPPOCRATIC OATH OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS with this project. Merges and PR’s will be even more closely monitored than prior projects and I promise to respect your data and privacy to the best of my abilities.


CAPTAIN: Thank you, HECATOMB. Dismissed.

HECATOMB: Aye, CAPTAIN. I’ll leave you to it.


v0.0.2 - now features manual update. (this could be easily modified to pull your own scripts, too.)