Hello again community! A wave and a returning old-timer technical question

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve been around the monome community but I recently dusted off the ole hand-built 128 and have run into a problem that google and other searching has not been able to solve. Basically I don’t know how to get my 2 40h boards to combine into a single board anymore. I saw that there was an app that did it after serialosc was no longer a standalone but apparently that doesn’t work anymore, so my question is: is it still possible without writing my own patch to do this?

To clarify, both of them work fully, tested with flin and mlr, I just can’t seem to figure out how to link them

thanks in advance for your help, the people around here have always been amazing!

modern apps rely on serialosc built-in grid discovery mechanism, that’s why apps like pages or griddle (that serve pseudo-grids via mdns) won’t work anymore.

legacy apps using serialosc.maxpat will work if you replace serialosc.maxpat with an alternate version that uses zeroconf for grid discovery.

windows also requires installing bonjour services for this setup to work. hope this helps!

I’m on mac so no windows worries there, thanks I’ll have a look at that link