Hello Omaha

What’s happening Omaha?
I’m doing the sound art + experimental music residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art from now until early November. Looking for any tips on things to see/do, food, interesting shops etc. I want it all!

Oh also, I’m doing a free public performance at the Low End beneath Bemis on October 6th. I’ll share more info soon.


The zoo is incredible!

Mahoney State Park is great in the fall, and the nearby Strategic Air Command museum houses a lot of historic aircraft. Indian Cave State Park is a day trip but also nice for hiking and history. Fontenelle Forest and Chalco Hills are closer to town if you can’t go far.

The Hot Shops are downtown for glass blowing, etc.

Wander the Old Market for food and beverages (Blue Sushi, Laka Lono tiki bar). The Benson neighborhood has a Beercade and great food (Ika Ramen, Taco Co.). Historic Dundee (once bombed by Japanese terror balloon!) has Pitch Pizzeria and Vis Major Brewing.

The Joslyn Art Museum is unfortunately closed for renovation. The Western Heritage museum is cool; it’s inside of a fantastic old art deco train station.

Musical venues abound. Borrow a bike and catch a Taco Ride on Thursdays (Kros Strain Brewing to Bellevue Berry Farm is a good route).

Uhhh I’m certain there’s more; feel free to PM.


Bunch of great recs by desolationjones

Dundee area has a superb ice cream shop eCreamery on the corner. The place next door Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob was a go-to late night falafel sandwich shop, not sure if they’re still open that late. Lighthouse Pizza is pretty great. Korean Grill in Bellevue is incredible. Block 16 is a local garden-to-table place downtown, good lunch spot. Ted & Wally’s is a notable ice cream shop location but I’ve never been.

Got some more food recs from some friends:
Ika Ramen, Abelardo’s, Roma Italian Restaurant (really good), Sakura Bana, El Basha Mediterranean Grill, The Banh Mi Shop, Taj Indian Cuisine, Blue Sushi, Orsi’s pizza, Malara’s Italian Restaurant
Umami (5 star sushi chef decided to open up shop in Bellevue, NE of all places and I’m so happy he did, please go here)
Stella’s is a historic burger joint on top of a hill in Bellevue
“Any food truck on L street between 60th and 32nd”
“Sinful Burger (more novelty than good) but worth mentioning”

Definitely the zoo.
Haven’t been to the Lauaritzen Gardens but I’ve heard it’s pretty.
The Imaginarium Mercantile is a fun store to browse! Lots of strange stuff in there.
BlueBarn Theater has The Legend of Sleepy Hollow going on in October.
The Alamo is a big fancy movie theater southwest of town.
Haven’t been to The Max in awhile, but it’s a gay bar dance club that was always the destination for dancing.
Spielbound is a board game cafe! You pay like $5-10 for a day pass, then you can play any of the board games in their library for as long as you want. They’ve got food, coffee, and beer too, great hang out spot.
Benson is the name of an area of Omaha but usually refers to the line of cool bars on Maple St and it’s a good spot for food and drinks (beercade, ramen, burrito place, star deli)
Crescent Moon is a great bar. You can get a boot and a pretzel. Oktoberfest gets pretty packed (Sept 23)
Branched Oak Lake northwest of Lincoln has overnight camping and you can swim in the lake on the beach. Pretty nice local spot to get away from things.
KANEKO is down the street from Bemis.
The Waiting Room and The Slowdown are the two music venues I’ve been to the most in Omaha.
Fontenelle Forest is great! Big forest, walk around, smell the trees.
The recently built “The Capital District” is listed as a “Tourist Attraction” lol
Dietze Music is the local musical instrument store.
Homer’s Record Stores is a great music shop.


Will thirdly rec the Henry Doorly Zoo. So many attractions there. Very well worth a day visit.

Also yes to Homers for music, served this city for decades. The isles are packed but you’ll find some good stuff.

Vinyl Cup is a newer record store I haven’t visited yet.

Reverb Lounge is another live venue just around the corner of the Waiting Room in Benson. As mentioned, Benson is a great place for bars and dining.

Will add that Ted and Wally’s ice cream is great. Available downtown or in Benson.

O’Leavers Pub was a great venue, but rarely do shows now. Open for drinks and food, and general vibe. Owned by some well-known musicians.

Pageturners Lounge in Dundee. Used to be a bookstore, now a chill bar. Sometimes they do music. Also owned by a well-known musician.

Pepperjax Grill is a favorite in our house, philly style sandwiches but also offer burritos, bowls, salads, etc. Several locations around town.

Piezons Pizzeria is a favorite local joint. Located out west. Recommend the Oh Mio Dio if you like spice.

Blue Sushi is renowned.

Modern Love for vegan food if you are interested. Vegan friends love the place but personally never tried it.

I’m also taking notes about the other recommendations. We don’t dine out as often since…you know. And some of these nature places I haven’t visited since elementary school field trips.

If y’all want to get together some time, have a drink or coffee, I’d be down. Always wild to meetup with people from an obscure internet forum.


wow. thanks @codetocontra, @desolationjones + @postsolarpunk for all the recommendations! amazing!

I rented a bike today and rode west of bemis to hit a proper grocery store + the art supply store but wish i’d seen these before I set out. I am worried about being a block away from grapefruit records that guy has some great stuff.

I’m definitely looking forward to exploring more over the next two months.
I’d for sure be up for a meetup once i get settled in if you all are up for it.


TONIGHT!!! come say hello!

for those not in omaha, you can watch the live stream


Ahhh i regret being in not-Nebraska. Break a leg!

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if you’re a Marlon Brando fan you can take a selfie in front of his boyhood home at 3135 Mason St.

Ha nice. I went to the Malcom X birthplace marker two weeks ago. I didn’t take a selfie though :slight_smile:


whoa! I didn’t know Omaha was Malcom X’s birthplace! I learned something new today @marcus_fischer! Thank you!

Yeah! we went to the great plains black history museum and learned a lot about the history of omaha from eric ewing, the executive director. super fascinating!


Wonderful performance last night. Wish I could have been there in person!