HELP! - Begging for a port of dj256 to Serialosc!

I’ve got a 256 and have love using dj256, the big hands version of dj64.
As a result, I’m still running Monomeserial so that I can use dj256.
I’d love to try the dozens of new serialosc based Monome apps (and M4L!) but don’t want to sacrifice using dj256…

Would anyone with the skills be interested in porting it over, just like dj64 has been?
Pretty please?

Much respect and thanks in advance to anyone who has read this far.

Oh, if its relevant, im on:
Macbook Pro
Monome 256

hey kris,

i just made a very quick conversion of dj256 in max6.
I’m not familiar with dj64/dj256 in general and short of time therefore this patch is nearly untested.
There may be bugs but maybe you’d like to try it out and gimme some feedback.

Thanks one million!
I’ll see if i can get it going tonight.
Much respect!

Don’t forget you can also use serialosc primarily and use monomebridge to run older apps!

Hi Red, first, thanks! Second, I got a pal to try it out on his 256 setup (cause i was afraid of uninstalling Monomeserial and everything going bad.) He got the patch open but couldnt get any lights or feedback from the monome…
Thanks so much for your help, i think i’m gonna take the plunge and head to serialosc, so i can test it myself and especially since someone just mentioned monomebridge can run old apps in serialosc as a last resort…
One million thanks, will keep ya posted.

Wha? I didn’t know what. Commence forum digging! Thanks heaps for the tipoff. Much respect! yay!