Help: Devices/Grid menu freezing Norns UI

Hey all,

Weird new behavior on Norns (happening on two different factory Norns).

When I enter the grid menu from devices, the UI is freezing up and I have to reset via the little white button. I find it bizarre that this has suddenly started happening on both devices. This continues after a sleep. Thankfully, my grid is already being recognized, so I don’t necessarily need to do anything in that menu right now, but it is an odd bit of behavior I would like to get sorted if possible.

can you try doing it again with Maiden open and tell us what pops out? I’m expecting it’ll yell for some reason.

Just gave it a whirl. No output in Matron unfortunately.

Did realize I can always restart from maiden though rather than pushing that little white button. That always feels wrong whenever I have to hit that little guy.

Edit: I was afraid to do a reset thinking I could lose the grid recognition, but not fix the the freezing. I threw caution to the wind and performed a reset. That took care of things for me. Still perplexed as to why this happened to both Norns seemingly simultaneously.