Help! Grid suddenly "works" vertically

My Grid started suddenly to work vertically today.
Seems only with Max for Live patches, because i’ve tried with my only other Monome devices which is White Whale and it seems to work well, at least in horizontal…

As soon as i’ve noticed this issue with the Grid i’ve tried to relaunch Ableton but it didn’t let my click on the icon on the Doc, so i tried to restart my computer but it got stuck, so i’ve powered down my Mac and relaunched Ableton and eventually it worked, but my Grid was still in vertical. So i’ve tried a second time to relaunch Ableton, but as before i was not able to click the Live icon and so on: MAc got stuck restarting it and i had to power it down by the on/off button again.
I’ve reinstalled Ableton and now seems to work good, but my Grid is still vertically oriented.

Of course, tomorrow i have a live performance and all my set is based on the Grid.
Any quick help would be much appreciated!

PS edit: @tehn i try to call you out as i don’t have much time until tomorrow, anyway i bought my Grid in October, from the site.

Thanks :pray:

hey hey! i remember this from Basic MAX Help – i think this patcher should do the trick:

rotate.maxpat (2.9 KB)
m4l version here: grid-rotate-m4l.amxd (3.5 KB)

if you click the /sys/rotation 0 message while your grid is populated in the serialosc menu, then it should reorient. i dropped two others in there in case i’m misunderstanding things, but that should get you back to normal!


Thank you so much!

I’ve tried quickly few minutes ago and the Grid seems to got back to 0 rotation …
I hope everything will go well tomorrow at the gig…
Now I’d really curious to know what happened to my grid and why it started to act li le that?

good to hear!!

what device were you running? those rotation messages get injected into the heart of the serialosc object, which is how your computer talks to the grid. this is why the max for live devices were rotated but white whale was fine.

any device which has a rotate option should have a way to reset the rotation – happy to help point you in the right direction with more info :slight_smile:

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Thank you for tour help!
This happened today as soon as I’ve plugged the grid on my laptop, the first app I loaded was Terms launchd, after polygome and Medaowphysics2…

Maybe yesterday something happened using two apps I found here on the forum,
which they have some bugs with Live10 I guess: to be able to use the app “X” without getting an Ableton crash, I have to launch app “Y” before and then delete app “Y” to use app “X” , I can’t launch the M4L patch “X” in an empty I’ve project if I don’t do this “move” …
Anyway, yesterday something seemed strange on Grid, but I went to bed thinking it was just me, the grid was rotated instead…

After this nice story I wrote, is it possible that those two M4L patches have done this?

You can also edit your preferences files to set orientation.

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Oh thanks! Interesting, I’ll try to do it