Help, Java 6 on OSX

So discovered max wouldn’t run on my brand new laptop. Said I needed Java. I installed Java 8 before I realised I need version 6 for max. I removed all traces of Java 8 but the Java 6 installer still insists that I have a newer version installed.

Please help

I don’t believe that Max requires Java.

Very old versions of Java are not maintained and contain dangerous security holes if used with a computer that has internet access.

Sorry, max for live.

i’m assuming you tried doing this:

i have had success installing java with homebrew before. i think brew install Caskroom/versions/java6 works.

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Found this thread. Don’t know why I never noticed this before. I’m kind of surprised.

Installing from homebrew worked. It’s also not showing in chrome so I am assuming I don’t have to many security holes to worry about.

Thanks for the help

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