Help me building a wireless accelerometer controller jacket

Before I have spent too much time and money in wrong directions. I will write this post!

Build accelerometer sensors into a jacket so it will function as an instrument. Send the sensor data wireless with “no latency” to a microcomputer plugged into a mixer. The wireless connection must be 100% stabile from at least 8 meters distance. The wireless connection must be easy and usable in every country “No radio disturbance” and no bad connections.

My own ideas solving it:

  • Connect accelerometers and wireless transceiver to an Arduino and sew it into the jacket. The transceiver transmits accelerometer data from the Arduino to a Bela microcomputer.
  • Connect wireless transceiver to a Bela microcomputer to work as the receiver.
  • Program the Bela to use accelerometer data to control audio playback.

Anyone knows about a stable and fast way of sending data wireless? Would it be possible to transmit it from an Arduino and receive it with a Bela platform? Should I use Wi-Fi or what kind of connection would fit?

I have a fine budget, so don’t hold back with the expensive options.

List of gear I have been looking at:

I have a background in Max MSP so many of these platforms: Arduino, Bela and wireless connection options isn’t something that I’m used to work with, but I will do everything to make it work!

maybe check in with this guy:

Thank you! I will write him a PM.

Maybe LoRa wireless with a module like this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Looks cool. Wauw it can reach very far! I wonder how much latency it have. The transceiver I am looking for don’t have to reach a 10 km distance. 10 meters are enough. Also I would have to calibrate it to each continent, if the device will be used globally on a tour.

I will just make a quick follow up on this one! :slight_smile:

I contacted this guy today and he has answered all my questions for now. Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and polite humanbeing! :slight_smile:

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This may save you some time. Good luck. I can’t comment on the shortcomings of wireless connection particularly for different regions but I would be interested in others views. Another place for answers would be on the Isadora (troikatronix) Forum. This sort of thing should be up their street . Good luck

Also please share the points from your conversation I am intrigued!!

I will take a look at the bitalino. I think my plan right now is:

4 x Accelerometers >> I2C Bus connection >> ESP32 >> Wireless connection >> ESP32 or Arduino with Wi-fi receiver >> Wired connection >> Bela

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