Help modifying max for live patch

i just found this patch, and am looking for help with a simple mod. at the moment you have to click a button to “fill” the sample buffer. once the buffer is full it stops. instead i would like it to write continuously with a variable control over feedback/overdub.

here’s what the patch looks like:

any tips?

Key question: are you overdubbing before or after the pitch processing?

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before. so i’m getting long, slowly decaying loops, but then 4 independent playbacks of that buffer.

also open to solutions outside of this patch. it was just the closest thing i could find on the max for live site.

Right, so you should be able to use karma~ then, which is a smashing-your-face-into-a-wall-saver when it comes to this kind of thing (thanks @Rodrigo). There’s a message to set the amount of signal that overdubs into the buffer while in record mode, those two things should get you what you want. Karma~ also has a great help file.


ah thanks that does look way more versatile.

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just wanted to say thanks again - after only an hour of two of poking around the documentation i was able to build a waaaaaay more flexible multichannel system with karma~


Glad to hear! I unfortunately did not know about it when I started making overdubbing loopers, so I learned the hard way how useful it is. Gonna be interested in how the results of this experiment sound! Are you using your fader bank for control?

sounds sooon! i’m i’m re-creating a processing system i made with the 301… so far so good :slight_smile:

faders, indeed.