[HELP] - Monome Max/ JS Further reading

Hi All,

I’ve just got myself a grid 128, l’ve been playing about with this and must say I love it.

I’m now looking to get to grips with js objects in Max 7 and I think this is the perfect place to start, can anyone recommend any further reading on Monome Max/JS objects? I’ve went through the Grid Studies and would like to dive further into building a few projects, Ideally I’d like to start to integrate with BEAP modules.


The best documentation for BEAP is in the Max Help files, although it’s definitely a learn by doing situation. Same goes for the rest of the Max objects, for the most part.

Help > Reference > JavaScript in Max is probably the best place to start with using JS in Max.

Hi Jason,

Many Thanks - My Problem with Polygome in BEAP is I am unable to really get under the hood as BEAP modules open inside a bpatcher, and for the life of me I can’t find the original file, so understanding what does what and why is quite limited.

I’ll take a look at the JS Reference page regarding js.objects - my main query is there any specific syntax for monome in JS, other than what is in Grid Studies?


The Max Grid Studies doesn’t get into JavaScript at all. There is a node.js Grid Studies page, but that doesn’t involve Max (though you could send OSC messages to max from node.js if you wished)

If you’d like to crack open polygome, do this:

Unlock the resulting patch window. Then do this:

And that gives you this (I’ve zoomed out to 25%)

AMAZING - - Thanks Jason, I’ll take a look at this tonight.

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check out “meadowphysics” as it’s written in js


@tehn is there a better link than the mp-2.zip at the top of this post?

Ah yes, thank you. And here’s the mp.js shown in the context of the patch.


Hi All,

Again many Thanks - I’ll look into all these now. Let’s hope I can build something 1/10th as interesting.

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A few quickies I recently stumbled across:


These are all amazing, keep them coming,


So currently I’m having real issues with the redraw method in MAX JS, I’ve looked into the Grid Studies.js, Step.js and meadowphysics.js for some clarification but since I’m new to JS in MAX I was wondering if anyone can give me additional pointers.

my main concern is led redraw for example

// pattern row
	for(i1=0;i1<16;i1++) {
		leds[i1+16] = 5;
	leds[16+pattern] = 15;

This plays patterns on row 2. However when I change this to say:

// pattern row
	for(i1=0;i1<112;i1++) {
		leds[i1+112] = 5;
	leds[112+pattern] = 15; 

I get errors, the Monome freezes and my message from map0 and map1 give where row numbers should be.

Can anyone give an indication as to how redraw is working? I can easily change rows with the function key, ie (y == 1) —>row 2 to (y==7) row 8 and have buttons perform accordingly - I’m just a bit stumped with redraw.


GRID.maxpat (53.5 KB)

actually scrap that - I think I’ve got it. It’s amazing what a cup of tea can do :slight_smile:

on another note what is the syntax for creating a flashing toggle? Currently I can only get solid lights.

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On the topic of pure JS primers, I prefer the butterfly to the rhino…

Worth thumbing through both to see which speaks to you.