Help, Monome not recognized by old serialosc

i recently upgraded to OS 10.11.
I play on a patch, running in Max5 with the old serialosc patch which uses zeroconf.browser and zeroconf.resolve externals. They seem to load fine but my monome is not recognized.
Any help ? (this is one of those ‘i have a show tomorrow’ topic…)

It’s not recognized in Max 7 neither.

Everything is fine on my other 10.10 computer, but i’d rather use the 10.11 one.

any error messages in the max window?

you’re on shaky ground using such a new OS with an old version of Max. i’d highly (highly) suggest freezing an older computer at an earlier OS version if you need something in Max 5 still running. i wish i would have done this for mlrv.

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No error in max window.
But with the same computer, and Max 7, using the serialosc patch from Max 7, same thing.

you’ve reinstalled serialosc? are the devices detecting as seen in activity monitor?

What should i look for in the activity monitor ?
It seems detected, because when i drop a serial object in max and give it the message ‘print’ i get the monome listed.

can you post a screenshot of this max print?

have you looked to see if older FTDI drivers need removing?
this was an issue for me a few weeks back…

port a: Bluetooth-incoming-port
port b: iMac-Bluetooth-Incoming
port c: usbserial-m0000117

yes i’ve run this command line to be sure.
(although i think it must be needed for the old serialosc my patch is using ?)

By the way, @stevieraysean, it’s all about DJ-Mlr that is still rocking !

oh really! fixed it up for max7 / latest serialosc… no errors but haven’t tested
don’t think theres anything in there that shouldn’t work…

dj-mlr (36.9 KB)

Thanks a lot !
A bit too late for tonight’s show, but here’s the version i’m using these days. (the one with filter and delay)
Fixing it means what ? adapt for the new serialosc ?
I also noticed that in max7 the waveform are not correctly displayed.
dj-mlr (59.3 KB)

yeah i just substituted the old serialosc for the new one…