Help my teletype scene evolve

i’ve gotten comfortable. i wrote a basic teletype scene and i love it. so simple:


meadowphysics outs 1-5 pulse TT inputs 1-5

script 1 = read note value at pattern 0, index 0 - send value to cv 1 out, pulse trigger 1
scripts 2-5 = same, but pattern indexes 1-4

script 8, randomly pick pattern 0-4 (triggered by meadowphysics, but not as often)

parameter knob offsets octave of cv1 by 0-4x


that’s it! i’m basically re-creating the max/msp version of meadowphysics.

it’s so fun and there’s a lot of depth, but i thought it would be fun to share it here and see if anyone here had ideas on how to add a little more interaction/depth to the experience. the constraint is that i’d like to keep the evolution of this scene focused specifically on composition – sequencing & timing for one voice - not adding in another voice or voice modulation stuff. i’m equipped with just friends, earthsea + two unused outputs on meadowphysics.


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Use a trigger to trigger a script that sends ii commands to the mp to switch a preset. Then set up presets that play off each other rhythmically.

thanks, that is a wonderful suggestion. close the loop!

@michael_matos your suggestion at play:


Wow! That sounds great! Very organic. Do I get co-composition credit? :grinning:

another, this time using just friends as a thru-zero fm voice, blended with two other voices in a slowly modulating 3 sisters mix.

plus sunset.