Help new user connect monome64

I just bought a used Monome Grayscale 64 and am not able to connect to my Macbook running 10.8.5. The lights indicate it is getting power over USB. I downloaded osx_MonomeDevice1.1zip which installed Monome_Sum v.6.1.5. I believe I should be seeing the device in smallbatch window to connect?? But it is blank. How do I get my computer to recognize Monome device? Thanks for any help. New user hoping my Grayscale isn’t damaged.

Sounds like you did everything right. Maybe download and install serialosc 1.4 and restart you mac. See if it shows up then.

Did you install the ftdi drivers?


Thanks so much @jasper_ryder! Installing the ftdi drivers was the answer!

Well that’s good news. Happy monoming!

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