Help: norns wifi hotspot

Hi all,

Long time lurker, but this is my first actual post. I bought a new norns and grid from the most recent batch (replacing a grid I sold, back around 2010). I’m loving them both so far, but having problems creating a wifi hotspot.

I have no issues connecting to a wifi network, but don’t seem to be able to host my own hotspot. I’ve tried resetting norns, and made sure I’m running the latest firmware.

Oddly, if I turn off the wifi in the system > wifi menu, status remains activated, while network and IP are cleared, but if I then select hotspot the network name and IP of my router’s wifi network reappears.

Can anyone think potential causes / other things I should check?

Thanks in advance!

hihi! welcome welcome! hope all’s well otherwise!
hotspot on norns is pretty direct success or failure, so there’s a chance the nub you received is simply not working as expected – please email us at to diagnose and arrange next steps!

Thanks, will do!

Otherwise it’s a really great tool - looking forward to get back into using a grid again. :slight_smile:

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Just updating this thread in case anyone has a similar issue in the future.

Turns out I was using the wrong model of wifi nub, so I got hold of a replacement with an RT5370 chipset and hotspots are now working flawlessly.

Thanks again to @dan_derks for your help troubleshooting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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