Help out: embed tutorial

hey all! i am on planes etc and looking for some help researching what embed methods work well with the discourse forum software.

if anyone has a spare minute, please use this thread for embes experimentation and check out to see if there are any software mods or plugins i might need to do.

basically i’m looking for a syntax guide for embeds of various services, that we can share with new users here.


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Things I know to work: soundcloud, YouTube, Wordpress, Spotify, bare image URLs.
Things I know do not currently work: bandcamp
Things I’m not sure about: bare MP3 URLs, bare video URLs


This is great. I’m typing in now a direct MP3 URL to see if anything comes of it:


Nice. That worked. (It’s the late percussionist Peter Sadlo playing Xenakis. The URL is from his website.)

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thx, upload attempt, .mov file gets this -> 'Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extension: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, zip, maxpat).

i’ve re-enabled all file types, but the 3mb limit is still enforced.

cool, thank you

This video doesn’t work for me ?? Using Chrome on osx.

i’m not seeing that last video either

Yeah, not working in Firefox either. For better or worse, Youtube or Vimeo is probably a better choice for video.

Speaking of which, want to remind myself whether Vimeo embeds work:


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Test of embedding a link to an MP3 stored in Google Drive.
Shared so “Anyone with the link can view”.

Metal Biped 000 - Josh Bailey & Mark Lentczner
– entered as a Markdown link with title – didn’t embed
– entered just as a bare link

…annnnnnd total failure :frowning: - guess it needs the .mp3 extension in the URL to work

(Figured this might be an attractive option for some Disquiet Junto participants.)

1 Like is a good place to have a non-SoundCloud MP3 repository where you can retain the .MP3 suffix. And FreeMusicArchive, I think.

what about CodePen? let’s find out!!!

(EDIT: for context -

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thx, same…worked, not working-chrome on osx, perhaps file size is not accurate on this machine

peace from california
edit, 1.9mb

true, but only if you intend for your works to have free/creative commons licenses. also, FMA is difficult to work with, browsing and admin tasks.

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Yeah, I really like what both services are up to, but I find their interfaces confusing

GitHub stuff, it’s a bit long, sorry about that.




(there are a few other combinations too, for specific commits)



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Folks on this thread, could you take a look at the current Junto thread (URL below). People’s Soundcloud links appear to not be auto-embedding. They’re just appearing as links:


soundcloud test:

simply typed on single line, with line break before and after:

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