Help - Pages external application unresposive!

Hello all.
Ive recently had my hard drive replaced on my macbook pro I’m not running Yosemite (10.10.1) i have reinstalled everything i need to make a my Monome work and it seems to be functioning completely fine.
The only problem i seem to be having is with Pages external applications, the monomer connects to pages (the latest version) fine and creates a virtual monomer that is visible and can be connected to in Max 6.1 but once connected this external application page is completly unresponsive to any inputs from the Monome and the Monome is completly unresponsive to any outputs from Max.

I’ve also noticed that when i click “update preferences” on this external application page it creates a new instance of the page e.g 'extapp - 38512 - m0001021 (2) ’ I don’t remember this happening before and I’m not sure if its relevant.

Would appreciate any help with this as I’m using the Monome in a live situation next Thursday and external applications are fairly crucial to my live setup!