Help: passing cv thru teletype

i’m trying to run sequencer cv into TT for some basic slew sequencing, then back out to a vco, but CV 1 output values are updating 1 pulse behind the sequencer. my guess is that the CV 1 IN script is grabbing the IN value a millisecond before my sequencer updates it. tried delaying but no dice.

Where is the trigger coming from?
Most digital gear has latency - my WMD/SSF keyboard has about 50 ms meaning that the CV changes value about 50ms after the trigger out from hitting a new key … so when I use that to get CV into TT I have to delay the script which reads the CV at IN…
I reported something similar happening with Earthsea in this thread - > teletype : code exchange (I found it gain searching for Eathsea latency).

both trigger and cv change are coming from the op-lab, which is receiving sequencer data from the op-1. i already tried delaying the script that reads cv in but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I’m working on something else right now so can’t get into TT, but this is the Scene I wrote when I was just starting with TT to do something similar, and the delay workaround definitely worked - I know it’s not exactly what you’re trying to do, but the getting the CV in concept should be the same. Hope it can help. The remainder of this post is just copied from the previous one.


This is a simple scene to collect an array of notes as one plays and
then have some of those notes play along with you in a semi random
fashion. The last 16 notes played are collected in P.N 0 with the latest
note played always being the first in the pattern, like a shift
register. The pattern is played by the metronome, accessing a random
position from 9-15, so not one of the last 8 notes played, but one of
the 8 before. That’s about it for now. I think it might be sightly more
musical is some semi random octaves were added. I think that could be
done with ADD X MUL 12 DRUNK. I’ll test that later.

Connections -
Keyboard v/oct CV > IN
Keyboard gate > TR In 1
TR A > TR In 2
CV 1 > v/oct of destination
TR A > Envelope

M sub 1000 RSH PARAM 4
P.I RRAND 9 15

P.N 0
P.L 16

DEL 75 : X DIV QT IN N 1 N 1
DEL 76 : P.INS 0 X
DEL 76 : P.L 16


NOTE - the delays in script 1 are there because it seems my keyboard
tries to output the gates and change the v/oct out simultaneously, but
actually the CV changes slightly later, so I was needing to hit a key
twice to get CV 1 to change. This little delay gives the CV time to
catch up.