Help! Rent/Loan Eurorack in Amsterdam next week

Hi folks!

*Please redirect this post if there is a better place for it.

I’m going to Amsterdam next week and I’m asked to do a improvised eurorack ambient
show there. Because this is a rather spontaneous request I have to try to rent a smaller system for
this particular show.

Any tips or directions is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance



Contact Midi Amsterdam, maybe they can arrange something for you.


Thank you, I called them they used to have that service but not anymore unfortunately.

Thanks for the tips

Which event is it? Maybe Bart Wolf can help you?

It’s a closed event that a friend of mine is hosting with various acts for one night only.
Where do I easiest get in touch with Bart you reckon? Lines or IG?

Again, thanks for all the help

Look up for “sende_pause” on IG.

Surely Colin Benders has a system to spare! :slight_smile: I know Mike Lee Birds is In The Netherlands, not sure if he’s based in Amsterdam or Enschede? You can ask Anna as well - IG “tulpadusha”


Hi everyone!

I wanted to thank everyone that helped out with this!
In the end Bart helped me out,

I wanted to share a video from the show that couldn’t have happened without
your help!

Thanks again and cheers!


Wonderful thing to get to borrow a rig to play, it gives me hope that it worked out. Smooth music too, an epitome of mellow :slight_smile:

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Yes, it was truly amazing and I’m so happy that it worked out :slight_smile:
Also thank you for listening *