Help: Show tonight, no lights! How to reset ports?

The lights work as I get the initial lights when connecting.

I’ve been running my setup for years now. I’m not sure how but something happened last night. Now buttons work but no lights. My thought is somehow the port that monome is listening on got changed… pretty much confirmed by all my attempts to send anything to it. Still sending on 8000 but no longer receiving on 8080. How can I either find which port it is now on or change it back to 8080. I’ve done a bunch of /sys/port messages but they aren’t going anywhere. Can’t seem to get the list from serialosc. I’m thinking there’s something in activity monitor that could tell me but I can’t figure it out.

I should say I’m on an old OSX 10.8 which has been dedicated to my performance set and stable for years now. Can’t do an upgrade or anything like that. Just need to reconnect the ports.

Thanks in advance.

Try unplugging the grid, then looking for serialosc session data under the directories listed here:

Typically, there is one (or more) text files where serialosc saves in/out ports and the prefix for every grid. You can edit those and plug the grid back in to use the new settings.

send to port 12002:

/serialosc/list localhost 8080

you should see the device port.

then to the device port send:

/sys/port 8080

and then make sure it worked

/sys/info 8080

the buttons working means you have this stuff already set up though. you’re likely not sending the LED data to the right port. send LED data to the port reported by /serialosc/list

good luck!

Okay combining the two replies here, I think I’m getting somewhere.

I reinstalled the monome installer and launched monome_sum which worked. But now it looks like my config file is automatically resetting to 15355 and 22403 every time i plug in. Is there a way to keep this from changing? I need it set for 8000 and 8080.


Locking the conf file with my desired ports did the trick. Thanks!!