Help to create a script for autistic children (64 grid to display midi notes)

Hi !

I’m a total noob in programming for Monome, I’m a psychologist who work with autistic children.

I would like to create a script to use my old 64 grid to help them to play guitar and be guided/assisted with a visual pattern.

My goal is that the grid could be a display to show to the teenagers the chord patten to play on guitar with my 64.

The script can be simple : I just need that some leds lights up if it detects midi notes, and the notes will be organized like a guitar fretboard (X will be always lighten up to identify0, 3, 5 and 7 of a guitar fretboard)

like this :

Any idea where I can begin ?


Sounds like a great idea.

Are you thinking of a norns script? If so it should be pretty simple and you would want to detect note on (and off?) based on monome/docs | monome docs and then set grid brightness for on and off using monome/docs | monome docs

Happy to help if you need it

not for norns, for max on windows

(norns will already be used)

this is my first attempt

midi notes can trigger a led, this is my first step based on grid studies
My next step will be that the led is triggered off automatically
fretboarddisplayer.maxpat (14.1 KB)

Edit : I found a way to make this project with TouchOSC

I will continue to work on the monome version