Help Updating MOTHERSHIP (early 2012)

Hello all !

I made a series of apps for my thesis in college, but since I graduated have had very little time to keep things updated. They were called Phantom of the Chakras, and employed the Arc as an expressive tool.

I have today off, and went to see what I could get done in a few hours’ time. So far I’m feeling that age old adage “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

So far I have identified I need to update my SerialOSC (my old app used zeroconf externals), but now I can’t seem to connect the SerialOSC to my app, Mothership. It won’t update the prefix in my app (currently stuck on /gome, and i need it to be /mtesi). I can’t quite figure where in Polygome (Stretta’s app I am using for reference) is pulling it’s SerialOsc maxpatch from, because it is connecting to Polygome, but if I copy/paste the object into my app, it still connects to /gome… making me a sad panda.

I am also realizing the new Max has sliders and arc elements built into it, and back in '12 I used a series of extraneous patches to make these features work.

At this point I am trying to determine whether it is worth it to scrap this version and rebuild with the new Max elements, or whether to sift through this messy behemoth of a file and try to diagnose and correct it’s issues.

If anyone wants to peak under the hood with me, here is the latest file:

I am hoping to utilize this app, or build something similar for my live set. It employs an MLR style sampler on the top 3 lines of the 40h, then has a synth keyboard on the 3 lines below, and a FX controller on the bottom two lines. This allows for me to cue a song (with a backing track), play along to it, and control the FX with both the monome and the Arc.

Thanks to anyone who can help direct me to some clarity.

all my love,
declxn aka roarbearman


those apps have so much style and were extremely impressive when you released them

welcome back dude!

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thanks man !

yeah, i poured a lot of hours into those boys.

would love to get them back into a working state.
i fell off, hard. life caught up to me.

any idea where to go from here? if i were to start
anew, i’d love some guidance w the new features
in Max7. been pretty much using it as a diagnostic
tool/a runtime app.

hope all is well on your side of the Internet, glia.

cool cool

i cant offer help with max but hopefully others can chime in to assist

all is well in my corner of the cave

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