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My W/ had freeze several times, no response for any button press, all lights were dimmed, power cycle it and it back to normal. It tend to happen the freeze after the modular power up for an hour of two.


Hi all,

was very excited when w/ arrived today. But since I plugged it in and powered it up, it would automatically shut down after about 2-3 minutes, I would have to disconnect the power, let i rest for a few minutes as its surfaces feel quite hot, and when it cools down, it managed to power up again.

But would then automatically shut down again after 2-3 minutes.

Anyone else experienced this before? Please advice.


I’d double check the power connections to make absolutely sure that you’ve got it connected correctly. That doesn’t sound right to me.


Yes checked all the power connections before the first power up, everything was correct.

Just tried to connect it again and this time it doesn’t power up at all… :confused:


sorry to hear about the troubles! I’d suggest emailing service@whimsicalraps.com


I must be a complete idiot but I simply can’t make sense of how my W/ works…

The manual is like a surrealist poem, which is awesome but not useful in any practical sense…

I can sometimes make it do something but I can’t tell what it’s doing or why, or where I am…

Could someone please put together some kind of “for dummies “ instructions?

I really want to love it like its other Mannequins siblings…


Mannequins W/ (with)

check out the reference card and also the video tutorial on the mannequins website. Helps a lot!


Hmm… Mine seems to be dead? It was working for a bit, maybe pushed too many buttons and flipped it too much. When I turn it on the loop button barely lights up for a bit then nothing. unit seems dead. I uploaded the latest firmware, and It seemed to do everything right. Lights going up and down and animation every 20 sec per instruction on uploading firmware. Same thing on boot up.

Is there a reset all somewhere? I put a sound source into IN and monitor OUT and nothing. :frowning:

Mannequins W/ (with)

try starting up your synth with loop and record held down?


when i do this,

play (flashes white). when i press the play button,
REC (flashes white). when I press REC,
loop (flashes white). when I press that nothing lights up anymore.

during this time none of the other buttons work.


that sounds good, actually! so, once you’re to that point, do you hear sound coming out?


no sound :frowning:

when i got the module yesterday and playing around with it today, the recording that came with it was ‘glitched’. some parts of the recording was like white noise for some reason. I just playing around with it and all of a sudden the recording disappeared and the lights turned off. Thats when I booted it up in firmware mode and uploaded the latest firmware. The lights and animation was exactly what the instructions said would happen when done correctly. but afterwards, still the same :frowning:


ahhhhh, so I think you need to try this: hold the toggle down and hold record while starting your synth.

If it works, it’ll require you to go through the same rigamarole but should exit to having a yellow light above the toggle and being responsive.


@eblomquist Have you played Izzy? If that means nothing to you, try holding loop and record when starting your synth, listen to the output and follow the lights


same thing.

down and rec on bootup.

play flashes yellow, push that
rec flashes yellow, push that
loop flashes yellow, push that

and then no lights and not responsive.

be responding in this thread now. didn’t nkow it got moved


Ahhh sorry, I asked to move it.

I know you mentioned you updated the firmware? Do you recall if it exited to this same state when you did that? If so, the update was not successful, so you should try again. The firmware update process should, if I remember correctly, exit by 1) playing a solid high pitched tone out the output and then 2) go to that yellow light above the toggle, responsive state.

If you’re able to update the firmware successfully but it continues … this sounds like it’s beyond my amateur experience with the module, so I’d ask Mannequins?


same thing.

down and rec on bootup.

play flashes yellow, push that
rec flashes yellow, push that
loop flashes yellow, push that

and then no lights and not responsive.

Mannequins W/ (with)
Mannequins W/ (with)

It also sounds like you may have turned off input monitoring? I’m way from my cheat sheet at the moment, maybe someone else can give you the instructions?


(mod note: apologies y’all! I sent @TonyIdaho a PM as they were writing their last response in the w/ thread. everything should be migrated now, though the order is a little funky. for future reference, WR also has a great FAQ and can be reached directly at service@whimsicalraps.com)


woah, that FAQ page IS great! Gonna put that in the top post. Top post edited! Hopefully that’ll help make the thread a little more useful to new eyes.