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Still confused in Over-write Record mode. what are the steps? do you need to hit play, toggle down, then record, or what order? do you need to hit play at all? for some reason, nothing is playing back now when i rewind… Signals are going in and out for sure. Thanks

It helps to think of it as a tape machine. So yes, you need to have the tape moving, so press play first. Then to over-write, record & down (together).

thanks. i know its not possible, but a digital read out tape counter would really help this thin 1000%. I cant tell if there is sound being rewound at all, no scrubbing sound etc.

OK, it was something else— my bad— using Tangle quartet Mix out wasn’t working with w/ input for some reason…sorry

The lights above in will act as little meters for incoming/outgoing signal! Orange for incoming, white for outgoing.

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OK, so recording in overwrite, why are my loop lights going back and forth also? and when I hit toggle down to rewind and play back, nothing is moving…

Any idea when more W/ units will become available? I’ve been holding one 2hp space open!

I’m missing the key ingredient here: which lights are you seeing above the toggle?

lights above loop going back and forth suggests you are looping? They’ll kind of give you a sense of motion as you travel from the start of the loop to the end.

About the toggle: assuming that you have hit play to stop the tape (so you should see only the orange light above the toggle), the toggle works like the fast-forward or rewind buttons on your tape recorder—you have to hold them down

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No real idea, but I’d imagine Mannequins would like to be able to ship new W/'s w/ firmware 1.1?

its ok, I think i hit toggle and it put it into loop (easy to do).
so next- how do i correctly set a loop step by step?

to set a new loop in live mode (when playback is engaged), you press the toggle down to set a cue point for the start of the loop, and then up to set the loop end. doing it this way will automatically engage loop and disengage record, so take note. NB – you can always press down multiple times to set cue points, but up will only ever loop you back to the previous cue point, so it’s not like nested parentheses.

If you happen to already have your cue points set up, simply pressing loop during playback will start looping inside whatever pair you’re in.


ok. fyi- just froze up on me just now. had to restart (in beta5).
Unplugged, ejected the sd card, put back in, then restart with erase all mode (toggle down/record/power on, release, push lights in order of appearance).
Seems good. Loop working. thanks A-

Just a hat tip to @alanza for stepping in and providing such wonderful guidance. Thank you!


i second that for alanza.


getting some ridiculous sound from this amazing module, even if its not perfect yet…cant wait till its 100%. Will do 'concerto for w/ '.

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My guess as well
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one trick i really like is - as you are recording in overwrite mode (ie play engaged, record + down) change the play speeds arbitarily (play + up/down a bunch of times) then listen back to the loop. As you listen back to the loop, change the speeds again as its playing for double weirdness.


like that idea, will try doing some of that - my head is spinning from the possibilities around w/,
fun is in the exploring and finding out what is possible.

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I made some notes to help me understand W/.
Perhaps it can be helpful for someone else.
I by no means guarantee that I understand W/, so please correct if I’m wrong.
LIVE MODE (play to enter LIVE mode)
LIVE mode is Indicated by Yellow + White light @ UP/DOWN

  • DOWN to add Cue (orange light over loop flicks)
  • UP to add Cue, stop REC and start looping
  • Loop ON = looping, lights indicates cue points
  • PLAY + UP to play tape faster
  • PLAY + DOWN to play tape slower
  • LOOP + DOWN = go to prev cue point
  • LOOP + UP = go to next cue point
  • REC to start recording in overdub mode (white light @ REC)
  • REC + DOWN to start recording in Overwrite mode (both lights @REC)
  • THIS controls punching in/out REC, use trigger
  • THAT controls REC mode – Overdub (0v) & Overwrite (-5v)

NAV MODE (stop to enter NAV mode)
NAV mode is indicated by Yellow light @ UP/DOWN

  • DOWN to rewind tape
  • UP to fast-forward tape
  • LOOP + DOWN = go to prev cue point
  • LOOP + UP = go to next cue point
  • LOOP + REC to go to CUE mode
  • THIS controls how play-head jumps when encounter a cue point, what Cue point is determined by the voltage, ±5V
  • THAT controls speed of play back, ±5V
  • LOOP + REC to go to CUE mode

CUE MODE (LOOP + REC to enter CUE mode)
CUE mode is indicated by White @ UP/DOWN light

  • Orange light at REC = play-head is at a Cue point
  • White light at REC = play-head is NOT at a Cue point
  • PLAY pressed to play tape, when PLAY is released play-head jumps back to where it started from.
  • Use UP/DOWN to move play-head
  • If REC light is white Press REC to relocate a CUE point to this (playheads) position
  • If REC light is orange Press REC to delete CUE point
  • LOOP + REC to add CUE point
  • LOOP + DOWN = go to prev cue point
  • LOOP + UP = go to next cue point


  • If REC light is Orange you are at a Cue point, press REC to delete Cue point
  • If REC light is White you are not a Cue point, press REC to relocate next Cue point to this position

How to delete several cue points:

  • LOOP + UP to go to last cue point you want to delete
  • Press REC to delete CUE points
  • Press REC again to relocate next cue point to playheads current position
  • Press REC to delete that cue point and so on

Press LOOP to go to leave CUE mode and go to NAV mode