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As far as I am aware, it should only ever happen when the tape is stopped; the bug was originally caused by the SD card driver going to sleep. Periodic checks were added to keep the card awake, though it is possible that the keep-alive is being missed in rare instances/not happening soon enough.

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Do you know if you have ever had it freeze up and become unresponsive while it was actively accessing the tape (as opposed to being stopped in NAV mode)?

I’m pretty sure It’s only happened while the tape was stopped and left for a few hours.
I may have frozen it from user error by hitting to many buttons and toggling up and down but could have been pre 1.21
I have 2 /W’s and it’s happened to both but one more then the other.
Mind you I have never done a tape clear. I might try that and see if it still happens.

I have not had ussues with freezing/becoming unresponsive while playing since 1.2.1. My only issues have been at power up or if left unpatched and unattended for very long periods of time.

Not when it was in use, only happens when it’s idle, but sometimes idling for 20 minutes then it happens, sometimes as short as 2-3 minute minutes.

I just bought a doepfer 177-2 Foot Interface for triggering recording on W/ in Dub mode. The thing is, when I connect the gate out directly to This, it doesn’t work, I’ve to put the foot switch out into either a tangle Quartet or 3x Mia channel, then to This, then it works.

When I connect it to teletype trigger in, it works.

Does this have to do with both the gate out of the 177-2 and the This input both being unbuffered? Am still deciding if to keep the 177 because of this.

Thanks in advance for replies!

It’s a known issue that some trigger sources won’t trigger W/s inputs. Should be fixed in a future update, though we have no specific release date for that as we’re focused on other things at the moment.

So in short- it will probably work at some unknown point in the future.


Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble updating the second of my two W/s with the new firmware. No problems with the first whatsoever, the this and that jacks respond as both inputs and outputs as you would expect. With W/ number two, I get some peculiar behaviour. The jacks do not get the new functionality. The that jack actually loses functionality in live mode.

Can anyone throw any light on this?

Thank uus

Thanks for clarifying!

I’m having problems getting out of Izzy. W/ is completely unresponsive on power cycles unless I either power up in bootloader mode or power up in Izzy. Once the firmware is loaded, W/ goes straight to Izzy. I can also manually power up into Izzy by holding down loop and record but either way, the module is frozen once Izzy completes.

I monitored the output while updating the firmware and got the pretty tones as well as the high pitched tone at the end (and again, it went straight into Izzy after this so it appeared working).

Any other ideas how to address this? Looks like other people have had this problem. I initially had no problems with my W/ but it sat unused for a while and now this.

EDIT: So clearing the tape after all of this worked for me. For now. I deleted the last issue I had but I will leave this in case someone has the issue and doesn’t want to read 215 comments.

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Ah, think i found one culprit for freeze on startup.

W/ does not like to be patched as part of a feedback loop when powered on. If i remove the input cable before startup, everything is fine. I will check if it is specifically a feedback loop issue or if my unit is unhappy with any loud signal at input on startup.

Anyone else having a lot of trouble with cue mode? There’s a definite chance of user error but it seems to just…not work at all the way it’s supposed to. Especially when scrubbing through the tape it seems to just kinda crash and stop functioning until I exit cue mode and try again.

Could you describe what it is doing in more detail? Are you sending gates/voltages to this or that? Are you scrubbing with the switch or voltage? Jumping between cue points? Trying to add or remove cues?

Most of the problems are coming from relocating or deleting cue points. I’m not always able to replicate it but sometimes when scrubbing through the tape with the switch, w/ will freeze and I have to power cycle. Same deal when trying to delete a cue point except it doesn’t freeze, the record button is unresponsive.

What version of firmware are you using?

I believe it’s the newest firmware but I’m not 100% sure about that, just got it used a few days ago.

Just for clarification, I can get things to work sometimes but it just seems buggy. I’m trying to figure out ways to replicate the crashes but it’s hard to keep track of everything without any visual cues.

You need to perform a firmware update as there is no certainty that the used unit was ever updated.

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anyone else’s W/ having “bad days”? mine has been temperamental

  • once it was stuck looping just a few samples when powered and nothing I did made any difference.
  • once it was stuck looping a short section and the controls didn’t help anything.
  • many a time it decided to click loudly where the cue point was, even though i hadn’t patched e.g. something rich in low frequency or DC or of the kind.

running latest firmware.

having a really rough time. i have reinstalled firmware 1.2, cleared tape, and cleared cues. i am getting ~lots~ of clicks and pops and audio dropouts, and previously recorded material is still hanging around and interjecting itself. no cv/this/that, just audio in, recording, and looping.

does switching to another tape help at all?

a fresh recording on a fresh tape works well. after bringing it back to the beginning of the tape, overdubbing, and setting cues for a loop (all separate instances, not all done in one playthrough) the clicks and previous material interjections return.