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I made some notes to help me understand W/.
Perhaps it can be helpful for someone else.
I by no means guarantee that I understand W/, so please correct if I’m wrong.
LIVE MODE (play to enter LIVE mode)
LIVE mode is Indicated by Yellow + White light @ UP/DOWN

  • DOWN to add Cue (orange light over loop flicks)
  • UP to add Cue, stop REC and start looping
  • Loop ON = looping, lights indicates cue points
  • PLAY + UP to play tape faster
  • PLAY + DOWN to play tape slower
  • LOOP + DOWN = go to prev cue point
  • LOOP + UP = go to next cue point
  • REC to start recording in overdub mode (white light @ REC)
  • REC + DOWN to start recording in Overwrite mode (both lights @REC)
  • THIS controls punching in/out REC, use trigger
  • THAT controls REC mode – Overdub (0v) & Overwrite (-5v)

NAV MODE (stop to enter NAV mode)
NAV mode is indicated by Yellow light @ UP/DOWN

  • DOWN to rewind tape
  • UP to fast-forward tape
  • LOOP + DOWN = go to prev cue point
  • LOOP + UP = go to next cue point
  • LOOP + REC to go to CUE mode
  • THIS controls how play-head jumps when encounter a cue point, what Cue point is determined by the voltage, ±5V
  • THAT controls speed of play back, ±5V
  • LOOP + REC to go to CUE mode

CUE MODE (LOOP + REC to enter CUE mode)
CUE mode is indicated by White @ UP/DOWN light

  • Orange light at REC = play-head is at a Cue point
  • White light at REC = play-head is NOT at a Cue point
  • PLAY pressed to play tape, when PLAY is released play-head jumps back to where it started from.
  • Use UP/DOWN to move play-head
  • If REC light is white Press REC to relocate a CUE point to this (playheads) position
  • If REC light is orange Press REC to delete CUE point
  • LOOP + REC to add CUE point
  • LOOP + DOWN = go to prev cue point
  • LOOP + UP = go to next cue point


  • If REC light is Orange you are at a Cue point, press REC to delete Cue point
  • If REC light is White you are not a Cue point, press REC to relocate next Cue point to this position

How to delete several cue points:

  • LOOP + UP to go to last cue point you want to delete
  • Press REC to delete CUE points
  • Press REC again to relocate next cue point to playheads current position
  • Press REC to delete that cue point and so on

Press LOOP to go to leave CUE mode and go to NAV mode


super. needed this… thanks

what is Izzy ? (sorry- seen it a few times, now),in the manual paper also.

oh, start up the module with loop and record held down and you’ll meet Izzy

thanks, will do tomorrow when I load beta 7.
happy 4th.

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Updated with Beta 7 yesterday. How can you tell which tape is starting?
ie: how do the users above even know its tape 1, theres no LED number or ID or anything to indicate where you are (as far as I know), and thats one of my beefs. Every digital recorder I’ve owned since the '80’s tells you where you’re at.

I’d like to gently exhort you, ASAP, to read the manual thoroughly and play Izzy. There’s also a great video further up in one of the W/ threads (also further down on Mannequins’s W/ page) that walks you through a lot of these things.

As for the tapes: if you hold down record for one second you’ll see the lights above the toggle begin to flash gently. You’re now in global mode. To see which of the six tapes you are on, press loop. One of the six LEDs above loop, play and record will be lit dimly. This represents which tape you have loaded. I’ve been calling the tape on the upper left (orange LED above loop) the “first” tape. You can press the buttons to select a new tape, and then down will load it.


thanks Alanza, I finally got the Izzy prompt yesterday. (so many hidden functions), Will try out what you said about ‘tapes’, and continue going thru the manual and vids.

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really enjoying the sound of the original frameware and somehow the module works for me. I am wondering if the sound character is still the same with beta 7 ?

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Cosign. Found a used wwith stock fw. I think better keep it there until official 1.1?

From memory (not experience), the aliasing you got from playing back things recorded while the tape was moving faster than 1x speed has been fixed, as it was a bug. aliasing is still available by instead recording while the tape is moving slower than 1x (indeed this makes sense: playing back a digital file at a slower rate than it was recorded should result in the bandwidth shifting down the spectrum, further away from Nyquist, whereas playback faster than the recording should push the spectrum up, eventually leading to aliasing)

I think waiting for 1.1 is totally reasonable—the main question is: do you feel like being a beta tester?

(also I know this was a question about the beta, but I think maybe it should go in one of the other W/ threads, since it’s not part of the beta testing per se)

I’ve been in the user manual trying to follow things and have a gate going to This but I cannot trigger the punch in and out on the record function. I’m guessing that I’m not setting it up in the right mode. I’ve left in in NAV and tried variations of LIVE but can’t seem to get it to function in a way I’d expect.

Similarly using CV into That while in LIVE mode doesn’t seem to control Overdub and Overwrite. Can someone please offer detailed instructions on how to go about this?

BTW, I’m on Beta11 and am falling in love with W/.


I think it is a trig for record, then another trig to stop recording, not “gate-high”. could that be the punch in/ out problem?

what lights are lit over record? did you start recording first?

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I’ve used Monome Walk (T) for trigger into W/ THIS and it will not impact the lights. I’ve also tried using the Lightstrip and PNW to send a signal to THIS but nothing is making lights respond on Record.

If I send a trigger into THAT it will trigger Play on and off, but if I’m already in Record mode you’d think that triggering Play would starting overdubbing/recording but I can’t seem to get the signal onto tape.

I’ve tried this process with the Record already enabled and disabled just in NAV mode.

Bet a dollar I’m missing something rudimentary :slight_smile:

t is toggle (gate-high), m is momentary (short press = short trigger). Maybe try m out from walk?

So if I take M or Xor from Walk into THAT I can trigger Play if I’m in Record mode and that starts recording, while the manual says:

“THIS takes a plain trigger, punching in, then out the record function. Toggling behaviour lends to interesting phasing effects, particularly where an INput sequence is desynchronized with a punch-pattern.”

sorry, can you clarify what you mean by record mode?

When you press “R” and the white light illuminates.

oooooh I see. I ask because I don’t think of that as a “mode” but rather like the “record” button on one of the toy tape recorders I grew up playing with. So what you’re doing when you press that button and the white light goes on is engaging recording, although similarly to working with a tape recorder, nothing will be recorded if the tape is not moving.