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So I have been trying this, and definitely not getting the same effect. It sounds interesting, but the fidelity is still pretty good, definitely no bit crushing going on…

I think the effect you’re describing was a compromise at first release and was corrected in subsequent firmware editions:

Ah! I see. Dang, it sounds so great. Any idea if pops/clicks should be expected when increasing/decreasing playback speed?

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Hi all –

I just got my w/ and I cant get Izzy to run. When I boot with l+r held I get a blinking LED over play, then record and then loop (as I press each button). After that? Nuthin :frowning:

Also I’ve got a really nasty whine that I’ve narrowed down to the w/. Not sure if they’re related.

The module is brand new, I’ve reseated the SD card and it was never plugged in backwards. I’m going to reflash the firmware next but the whine has me worried…


Sounds like it could maybe be power related, either underpowered or an issue with the digital boot up. What’s your power situation like in terms of capacity and brand?

Theres no pops/clicks when changing speeds but I get them when using a trig to reset it for synced loops/delays at higher tape speeds.

I get this issue to just the way you have described.
Part of it makes me think that if the tape plays all the way to the end it kinda just stops and freezes.
Is there a button combo to jump it back to the beginning of the tape?
Also maybe a fix could be that the tape automatically loops back to the start of the tape if you don’t have any loops set and the tape lays it full length?

I’m running off of a Pittsburgh Move 208. My napkin math here at my desk at work shows that I should be okay… w/ only uses +/-12V, correct?

When I get home I’ll try racking it up on it’s own to see if that addresses it before I reflash.

One thing to be aware of is the “onrush” load. I’m not an expert, but I’ve read that digital modules (especially? only?) take in more power at startup than they do in normal operation. This peaking effect might mean that you’re fine usually but not during startup, which might be causing W/ to behave strangely.

I used to have a Pittsburgh Modular Structure case and it had 2 difference transformers on the +12 and -12 (according to Perry at Pgh modular), which sometimes causes issues with the boot process as there is a slight delay between the lines which can mess up some digital modules. I had issues with a couple random digital modules, some of which wouldn’t even start up.

@vcvcvc_val - unfortunately those older Move cases are notorious for having power issues, so it’s most likely either underpowered or the digital boot. Let us know what happens with your testing.

Also, I think @baleen has a case like that, but got a new PSU. Not sure if he had W/ running at the time on the older PSU.

I still have the case (just w the 80w 'jel board in it now). The orig supply was the “rev 5” (final) board. It definitely had more noise but the only time i had real problems was when I was overloading it. I did not have trouble getting Izzy to load (or with W/ in general) on this board, and I still sometimes have some whine from my W/ (check yr gain staging, it’s pretty easy to mask by turning W/ down a bit.)

have you updated the firmware?

Well the good news is that I just ordered the parts from Trogotronic to revamp an old DIY case!

Yeah I also have a rev5 and the noise can be unbearable until the supply warms up. Thanks so much.

@vcvcvc_val this sounds like something is up with the SD card. When you first plugged it in did anything happen at all, or just no lights?

re: power supplies. W/'s digital system runs off the +12V exclusively. The -12V rail is only used for shift & buffering the audio & CV jacks. Thus if you see any sign of life (ie. lights), then the power supply is likely a non-issue.

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but it happens when the W/ isn’t playing… also the tape is 8h, no? but the issues I experience are usually after 1-2h…

Thats true but its 90mins a tape, so you can easily hit the end of tape after 1 1/2 hrs. As my two are set up as synced delays/loopers with a coldmac controlling them so they always have some sort of voltage present at THAT. I occasionally have a non responsive W/ when powering on too.
Never tried to clear the tape as o have some great material recorded. I might try and change to a different tape and see what happens.

nothing at all as far as i can tell

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Where should I start with SD card issues? Swap? Format? Flash?

If you have a spare card lying around you can definitely try that - no need to format it (though it will delete anything on the card currently). Send me an email: service@whimsicalraps.com and I can ship you a new official one!

Quick question: is there a recording/looping mode similar to the up-press option, but that doesn’t turn off recording? I want to emulate a looper’s record->overdub sequence (rather than record->play).

Does that make sense?

@darwingrosse I would recommend using W/ in sample.THIS and dub.THAT while in LIVE mode.

  1. Enter LIVE mode.
  2. Configure the CV jacks accordingly.
  3. Add a single cue point to the tape with a down flick of the toggle.
  4. Use regular clocks to sample.THIS to reset W/ to the cue point. This does not effect record state. Clock period determines loop length.
  5. Turn recording on using the record button. Use dub.THAT to set the dub level.
  6. Stop sending clocks when you want to no longer use that loop. Wait till you have passed its end. Flick down to add a new loop point. Start sending triggers to enter your new loop state.
    Alternative to step 6: set dub.THAT to -5V to fully erase the tape while looping.