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Ah! Forgive me if this has been asked, but what format is w/ recording in? Meaning, can I pop out the sd card, put it into my card reader and grab audio and dump it into my computer?

nope, it’s not in any standard format, if I remember correctly

I don’t think so. It was mentioned in another thread that w/ uses it’s own format

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Just racked up my new W/ and already quite confused…

It worked when first installed (Izzy) but now I am into some state where it won’t play anything and I can’t find what it recorded earlier in the evening…

Is there a cheat sheet?

is there a reset?


hi i have some time this weekend to delve and this thread is more than just a little intimidating length wise can someone point me to a concise how to for the W/
i got the firmware updated and I feel like i am ready to tackle it

What, you don’t want to read all 1430 posts? Including the shipping drama subplot?

This is the best thing I’ve found for W/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsHPmaHnWGY

I feel like there’s a pithy cheatsheet somewhere; I’ll see if I can dig that up. I like written over video, myself.


I’m all for a pithy cheatsheet!!!

here’s the official cheatsheet I’d suggest playing Izzy and watching the getting started video to really embrace the terminology and ethos.

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Thank you Alanza
Currently both the amber and the white lights on tops are both blinking –
no clue how i got in this mode is that on the sheet?

that’s “global” mode; you must have held record for more than one second

the lights above the toggle switch? i cant seem to get them to trun off or go back to white only

You really do need to watch the video…this module is not open to brute force exploration.


i got it playing nice now. i think having had a tape recorder helped :slight_smile: i have been doing digital so long i was WAY over thinking it. I also got some super fun variations running a gate and a Just Friends into THIS & THAT. :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Strange behavior with W/
To be clear, running the second batch from ctrl, so I believe I’m running the latest firmware.

In live mode, running a loop, in the last loop of the current tape, hold loop and flick up to go to the last cue point and begin a new loop but instead of the normal behavior PLAY stops, all lights are un lit except yellow led above toggle.

Nothing functions right in live until I latch reverse playback. Cue selection in nav doesn’t seem to work right. Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

I can get it out of the weird operation freeze without power cycling reverse playback.

It sounds like you may be at the end of the tape.

You can change tapes by going into global mode. Hold Record for a second to enter global mode. Both lights above the toggle will now be flashing. Press Loop. Now the lights above the toggle will alternate being lit. Your current tape will be dimly lit orange, and pressing any of the Loop, Play or Record buttons will select one of the six available tapes. Press the toggle switch down to load your selected tape.


Thank you, that is sort of what I thought. But at normal play speed, there is currently 2 minutes of recording on this tape. Maybe my last cue point is tied to the end of the tape some how?

I just got one and it isn’t working very well. It works a bit better with v1.1.b12, but it’s still crashing a lot (especially in cue mode), making weird buzzing tones, playing the audio back at ridiculously slow rates and the buttons becoming unresponsive.

Despite all that I think I’ve figured out how the module works pretty well, I just wish I could use it the way it was intended.

if you haven’t, it might help to clear the tape that you’re working on!

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I’ve cleared the tape multiple times, but the crashes persist.

Regardless, this thing is a lot of fun. I recently traded my Morphagene for a Mangrove, Cold Mac and W/ and for 2hp W/ is a really capable module.

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Not sure if it is normal, the inital tape (about 0.5 sec) of my W/ cannot be erased.