~ Help W/ ~


Have you tried both overwriting that section with silence and clearing the tape? What firmware version are you running?


Latest firmware. Yes I tried to overwrite record the silence (with no input on IN), and a dummy cable on IN.


Finally picked up W/ after waiting a while. Having a lot of fun so far. A couple of questions have popped up:

I’ve been trying to understand what a slashes board would do at this point. From what I read, there is functionality coming, but does the board simple power multiple W/ modules?

Is there a way to play backwards and then change speed? I am pressing down+play to start playback backwards, then holding play and pressing downto try to get to half speed, but it seems to revert back to playing forward. At least, the top lights seem to light in the forward motion.


currently it just powers multiple W/s and presents one connection to the I2C bus instead of multiples.

for playing backwards at different speeds, your best bet might be to use negative CV into that while in nav mode? Although I thought I was able to change speeds while playing backwards with that button combo… been a while since I’ve tried though.


Thanks @alanza :slight_smile:

I still haven’t even explored CV into THIS / THAT yet…this thing is insanely deep for a 2hp module. I’ll keep experimenting.


My W/ had freeze several times, no response for any button press, all lights were dimmed, power cycle it and it back to normal. It tend to happen the freeze after the modular power up for an hour of two.