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Ahhh sorry, I asked to move it.

I know you mentioned you updated the firmware? Do you recall if it exited to this same state when you did that? If so, the update was not successful, so you should try again. The firmware update process should, if I remember correctly, exit by 1) playing a solid high pitched tone out the output and then 2) go to that yellow light above the toggle, responsive state.

If you’re able to update the firmware successfully but it continues … this sounds like it’s beyond my amateur experience with the module, so I’d ask Mannequins?


same thing.

down and rec on bootup.

play flashes yellow, push that
rec flashes yellow, push that
loop flashes yellow, push that

and then no lights and not responsive.

Mannequins W/ (with)
Mannequins W/ (with)

It also sounds like you may have turned off input monitoring? I’m way from my cheat sheet at the moment, maybe someone else can give you the instructions?


(mod note: apologies y’all! I sent @TonyIdaho a PM as they were writing their last response in the w/ thread. everything should be migrated now, though the order is a little funky. for future reference, WR also has a great FAQ and can be reached directly at service@whimsicalraps.com)


woah, that FAQ page IS great! Gonna put that in the top post. Top post edited! Hopefully that’ll help make the thread a little more useful to new eyes.


I also popped out the SD card and back in to see if that helped. I’m guessing its a bug/program issue. I just uploaded the firmware again, same thing.

Good thing I live in NYC. Just go and exchange it tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!


Have you seen Sam Wolk’s video?


And while I’m here, can someone help me make sense of the new features in 1.2. The first bit makes sense:

  • Press and hold record
  • While plugging a cable into THIS or THAT
  • You’re now in the Selector

and then press the appropriate button/switch to pick the mode for THIS or THAT. The problem I don’t understand the next bit:

  • Enter the Selector
  • Press and hold your THIS selection
  • Then press your THAT selection

So say I want Transport THIS, and Sample THAT, how do I press and hold up and press down??? Does this have to be done in two settings, ie. enter Selector via a cable into THIS, set Transport, exit, re-enter via a cable into THAT, set Sample?


I’m with you, it’s really confusing…


Took me a bit to sort this out mentally as well. Once you get there it’s pretty straight-forward :slight_smile:

Let’s say I’m in the Selector mode. If I wanted to, for example, use THIS.SIGNAL and THAT.DUB, all I have to do is press and hold the loop button (for Signal mode) and then press the play button (for Dub mode). You’ll see the lights split to their respective locations for a split-second, and then the module will return to Live mode automatically with your new THIS/THAT assignments in place.

Hope that helps!


OK, but the up/down aren’t separate controls. So I cannot hold up and press down. And in terms of picking the same mode for THIS & THAT, is that selected by default when I just set the mode for THIS and skip the hold and press to set THAT?


You do one, then the other. Assign your THIS and then release and assign your THAT.


Ahhh, I see. Thanks for 20 chars of clarity.


I still can’t even figure out what the modes are, or how to get into them… I guess I’ll go back to the manual, the demo video, izzy, and Sam Wolk’s video mentioned above, and see what sense I can make of it…

Hopefully I will have a little time over the weekend to focus!



No prob! Sorry I misread your initial question. You just got your w/, yeah? Your weekend plan sounds good — if I was a new user, I think I’d definitely be a little overwhelmed trying to tackle basic operations and the new THIS/THAT features at the same time. It’s a lot to digest, but things do fall into place after a few sessions, in my experience.


my main hint to you: think “tape recorder”



I only wish the controls made the same sense as tape recorder controls!


I’m wondering whether this platform provides for any kind of wiki experience.

The Mannequins modules are beautifully esoteric and oblique, but for me it would be extremely helpful to have a way to aggregate information in a more structured and topically threaded form. As opposed to having to do site searches and read through long threads.

Not that I don’t dig the threads, I do… but when I need to find info fast, the threads aren’t optimal…



my hope is that the “reference card” will get you what you want once you figure out what it means.

This post is a good explanation of usual operation.


Yes, that’s great…

I’ll print it for handy reference…