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Not currently with my synth, but if it doesn’t work like the other THIS/THAT assignments… maybe it’s a bug? idk, but maybe @alanza does? :sweat_smile:


I am with my synth… lemme see if I can figure it out


@alanza may be the best thing ever. Just sayin.


I think I got it! Try this:

  1. Hold record and insert a cable into this or that
  2. If you see the lights change, you are safe to let go of record, so let go before moving on to
  3. Hold down for a bit and then quickly flick up


Thank you w/ w/izards… checking… this works! Awesome Alanza.

Now if only I could affect dub decay at the same time…

Hmm… upon further experiments, I don’t think this is working as previously noted. I could be doing it wrong again but I think it seemed correct because Sample.THAT and Transport.THAT are similar (exp vs linear). @voidstar is there an official way to have Transport.THAT and Sample.THIS or vice versa?


No, it should not be possible. I was surprised to see a suggestion that people were able to get it to work actually!

Given the method of CV selection, there was a necessary design compromise to be made: though transport and sample modes can’t be paired, you still have some form of FM in either.

If any of you are able to trick the module into pairing transport.THIS/THAT with sampleTHAT/THIS, please do share, but as far as I know it is not possible.

Here’s a workaround if you are looking to have sample.THIS reset actions along with speed control while playing the tape backwards (which you normally would achieve with transport.THAT):

While in LIVE mode, Press PLAY to go to NAV mode and then immediately hold the toggle DOWN and press PLAY to go back to LIVE mode with direction reversed.

You may want to be quick with the gesture as your THAT voltage now sets the tape to a different speed since you are briefly in NAV mode, however this can also be something fun to experiment with. You will also want to be careful about where you choose to execute this action as if you do it near a cue point, you might hit that cue point in NAV mode and redirect according to your THAT voltage; of corse you might intentionally wish to exercise that ability!

A simple solution which doesn’t require going to NAV mode to switch direction is using Teletype to reverse play direction:
WS.PLAY -1/1


Thanks for the clarification! I will give your additional suggestions a shot as well. I am really enjoying the sounds I get out of the module.

A few notes after playing around tonight - I know the W/ Type is still in the works (and whimsical are probably already working on it) but is it feasible to have:

  • WS ops be both getters and setters? I’m using FLIP for some of the ops (WS.REC FLIP) but this will sometimes get stuck in the opposite toggle mode. Would possibly be easier to just refer to WS.REC state directly.
    – e.g. OVERDUB/READONLY toggle WS.REC ? WS.REC 0 WS.REC 1
    – WS.REC ! WS.REC

  • WS.REC and WS.PLAY be variable between -1 to 1 instead of three states (-1, 0, 1) to mimic the behaviour of THIS and THAT in Volts. Maybe something like WS.REC V 1 or WS.PLAY VV 100 for normal play FWD (WS.PLAY V 2 in v/oct mode)


At some point when I have time I’d like to put together a video but there is a neat trick that lets you access dub decay (in a way…) while using other CV modes.

  1. While using dub.THAT, set a dub level that you like. Say +2.5v.
  2. Press RECORD to turn recording on.
  3. Press PLAY to go to NAV mode. Your dub.THAT level is now stored.
  4. Unpatch your cable from THAT.
  5. Press PLAY to go back to LIVE mode. Since you never turned recording off, you still have that same dub.THAT level despite nothing being patched to THAT!
  6. Now Press and hold RECORD and insert a new cable into either THIS or THAT to enter the CV selector, and choose whatever CV mode you want.
  7. You now have the ability to have a decaying dub level available while using a totally separate functionality on your THAT jack!

This is especially cool with caption.THIS and caption.THAT. You now have a decaying CV delay.

As a little demo to get the feel for a decaying CV delay, try the following:

  1. Patch one random sample and hold, one envelope, and one LFO into a mixer, and patch the output of the mixer into caption.THIS.
  2. Patch the output of caption.THAT to the cutoff of a filter or the pitch input of an oscillator. Listen to that sound source’s output.
  3. Now set up a loop on W/ in LIVE mode.
  4. Briefly allow the LFO to pass through the mixer. Each pass through the loop, you should hear the effect of the LFO in the filter/pitch attenuating.
  5. Try mixing the various inputs in and out and hear their effects decay away each time.

This opens up some particularly interesting possibilities with sending in sequences; you may wish to quantize the output or you may wish to let the inharmonic patterns emerge!


Wow! nice! This reminds me I have to start experimenting with CAPTION mode.


@voidstar It’s possible that I ended up with similar results by mistake, but the above method did allow me to play the tape backwards with negative that CV, and it also reset with gates (well, envelopes lol) into this, which led me to believe I was successful.


I ran into an interesting issue this morning in which I can no longer play in reverse in Live mode. I can manually go backwards in Nav, but the second I press play it goes forward. I was doing some heavy messing around in this/that Sample mode before this happened. I unplugged this/that and tried to play back to the beginning of my tape when the issue became apparent.

Has anyone experienced something like this or have ideas for a boneheaded fix? I haven’t tried switching or clearing tapes yet.


Ah, are you at the very beginning of the tape? Are you in looping mode? If you are at the very first cue, you may not be able to play in reverse unless in looping mode (tape is all the way rewound).


It’s not a case of rewinding to the beginning of the tape and it doesn’t seem to matter if I’m looping or not. I can be rewinding happily in Nav mode, but once I press play (down+p) it goes forward instead of continuing in reverse. It’s strange.


This is one of those motions where the physicality is a little picky: can you confirm that you’re doing

  1. press and hold down on the toggle
  2. press and release play and only then
  3. release the toggle?


I have two W/ and I have no issue triggering the other one. I’ve gone back and tested it half a dozen times to make sure I’m not going crazy haha.


Are THIS/THAT set to anything besides the default? Sorry, just trying to track down anything that could have an unintended effect.


Yes, this/that are set to Sample mode, but the issue is occurring without anything plugged into this/that.


I had some time to experiment this morning. And it appears that the issue I’ve been seeing is a side effect of having this/that set to Sample mode. I haven’t seen it documented anywhere that this/that mode will have effects outside of plugging things into them, but it appears to be the case.


Glad you tracked it down! Good thing to make note of.


Won’t be in front of a modular case for a week or so. Does this issue persist when you switch out of sample.THAT? As far as I am aware, you should be able to reverse direction while in sample.THIS.

Since sample.THAT is setting exponential control, you can’t go below zero for the tape speed. It would be a nice performative gesture though if you could switch to NAV mode, reverse direction with DOWN+PLAY, and then have exponential control in the opposite direction while in LIVE mode. Something we can talk about potentially implementing for a future update!