Help with aleph- gig in 1 hour!

my sd card suddenly became corrupt. I do not have my backup computer with me. can anyone send me the skitter scene with whatever version of bees it takes? I downloaded the latest build from GitHub but that is not working for me either. would be so dope if someone with an old copy of skitter and bees could email me the contents of their sd card?

not on my laptop. hope you get it in time!

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oh no!!

in the future, you can always get old releases by simply browsing

they’re all there. you probably want(ed) this one:

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thanks!!! sorry for the panic… total clusterfuck situation… i didn’t have a laptop, only person with one had a windows machine (which i really am not too sure about how to use) who didn’t know how to use it and wouldn’t let me touch it. so i’m hovering, trying to do some backseat net surfing, downloading, unzipping, etc… and at one point i just thought to jump on the forum in case someone can send a discreet file or link so the whole local process could actually produce some result.

in the end it didn’t work, even though i got the files i was looking for. for whatever reason my SD literally fell apart, as in the plastic abandoned ship and started to peel and flake off in layers on the end that gets inserted!!?!? it was the card which shipped with the unit, and i never had problems with it before. no idea why in the world it would have done that, have never seen that before.

i’m going to do some testing now that i’m back home because we found some other SD cards in the theater, but i’m 70% sure they just never got formatted correctly because i couldn’t get my hands on the computer do to it myself. even though its a very very simple process. but you know, its like empty the trash after deleting the files to put new files on… empty the trash? what’s the trash? and so on. fun times.

the gig was fine, but i really missed my white box!!!