Help with connecting Monome 128 and Windows 10.

I’ve been reading and reading… Trying a bunch of stuff lots of reboots for a couple hours now. And still cannot get the walnut 128 running.

So far this is where I’m at:

Power sequencer turns on near the usb cable and a little flash somewhere the bottom left corner on the 128.

I’ve installed serialosc 1.4.3

I’ve run serialosc-detector.exe

when i unplug and replug the monome i get another message saying com3 is connected. (that seems good!)

The device is here in the device panel:

Then I tried some of the apps.


Bonjour Print Service installed.
Uninstalled touch osc, touch osc bridge.
Manually installed the FTDI VCP driver.
I’ve disable the local firewall.

The service is running…

What else can I try here? Anything else that I could possibly report?

Thanks in advance!

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