Help with setup: audio interface recommendations?

my current setup is:
-Mackie 1402VLZ4 mixer + 2 x Mackie MR6mk3
-macbook with Mac OS X 10.6.8
-monome 256
-various acoustic instruments like an metallophone, xilophone, mrimba.

i’m looking for an audio interface to be able to record the output of my mixer and to connect the output of my mixer with my macbook.

price around 1000 euro

RME, Motu, Apogee, Focusrite?

Can’t recommend the new RME Babyface Pro highly enough. Excellent quality and flawless drivers.

I agree with @myecholalia on RME. Got a UCX. Bit over €1000 but well worth it!

Got an RME Fireface UC. been gigging with it all over the place. rock solid drivers. well worth it.

thanks a lot for your replies! i think i’m going for the RME fireface UCX!

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Sorry for bumping up this old thread but can’t find another home for it right now…

I am thinking of getting Babyface Pro but I want to have sometimes the possibility of having 8 line-ins in total. Could of course get something like motu with already 8 ins build but I really would prefer the portability of bp. Any recommendations on a nice option to occasionally expand it to have 8 ins? And preferably something that is portable as well.

You could expand the Babyface Pro via the ADAT in / outs with an A/D converter such as the Focusrite Octopre which would give you 8 extra ins / outs, it has clean preamps if needed and there’s also a version with compressors for each input.

Alternatively if you’d like some ins / outs to use with Eurorack, you could get an Expert Sleepers ES-8. It’s DC-coupled so you can send / receive CV too.

I have an Apogee Duet which is portable, but no ADAT. I am currently looking at expanding my ES-8 with an A/D converter.

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I’m still very happy with my MOTU Ultralite MkIII Hybrid.

It’s small enough to throw in a backpack, sounds great to my ears, and reasonably priced. And built like a tank…

The biggest problem I have with it is that it doesn’t work with iOS devices, but I have Apogee Duet for those…

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This is kind of an answer to a question that you didn’t ask, but: I’ve the MOTU 828es, which isn’t portable, but I’d recommend.

However, for reasons I’m not entirely sure of (but probably greed) I expanded the number of inputs via ADAT and the Beringher Ultragain ADA8200. Now, clearly it’s not right to recommend such a device - but depending on your concerned about the quality of the preamps - this is a really economic way to expand your number of inputs…

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Just noticed your Apogee One, nice portable solution.

Another thought, what I used to do with my Mackie was put the Alt-34 in to my Apogee Duet inputs. That way I could press alt 3-4 for whatever I wanted to record, through two nice preamps / converters.

Unless you need to record 14 channels at the same time, this is a cheap and high quality solution, with minimal change to your setup.