Hemisphere Suite Support

Hemisphere Suite is a Eurorack format module (with Buchla format in progress) built on the Ornament and Crime hardware platform. Its primary purpose is to provide a large number of simple modular building blocks, or “applets.” Two of these may be selected and used at a time.

This topic is for the support of Hemisphere Suite users, and the curious. I’m a refugee from Muffwiggler, hoping that some of my user base will stumble upon me here, to continue old discussions or to start new ones.

The Hemisphere Suite manual, which includes basic installation and usage instructions, and detailed applet instructions, is here: https://github.com/Chysn/O_C-HemisphereSuite/wiki


Great to have you here! :slight_smile:

Are you looking for any help with the project at this time?

there are many folks who use hemisphere and love it over here! thanks for the work on this great project!

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I’m always happy to consider pull requests, and have integrated some of them recently. Just keep in mind that memory is an issue at the moment, with literally less than 1K separating a working build from one that’s too damn big!


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I have a rev 1 Northern Lights Modular 2OC buchla module. Will there be a version of Hemisphere suite that will work for that configuration? Hemisphere Suite looks marvelous and it would be great to have (at least) one of the two OCs running hemisphere

Many thanks

i couldn’t really get into O_C until Hemisphere Suite came along. thank you so much for your work. glad to have you here :slight_smile:


The guy who’s helping me out with the development work has the rev 1 2OC, and I’m borrowing a new 2OC from Sascha. Between the two of us, I’m hoping that it works fine for both of the versions. Unfortunately, I’m not a Buchla user, so the whole thing is a bit of a slog. Hopefully everyone’s patience will pay off!

Thanks! Glad to be here.


What is the 2OC from Sascha you speak of???


It’s a dual ornaments & crime in buchla format


That’s exciting news, thank you for all your great work!

I’m a pretty big fan :slight_smile:

Glad to see you here. I only recently found out about Hemisphere and was planning on trying it out soon.

A quick question to you or the other users: Does any of the LFO applets have a noise waveform, or a very fast random mode?

The LFOs lend themselves more to chaos than randomness. However, the Calculate applet has a sample-and-hold that’s normaled to a random source, and you can put that through the Skew applet.


I didn’t realize that the s&h was normalized to a random, here I was using the other 1/2 of calculate to generate random and feed it into s&h!

If you set one of the channels of Calculate to Rnd, it’ll output high-frequency noise. But if you provide a clock (trigger, or 5V) to that channel’s digital input, it turns into clocked random. You can make it go back to noise by stopping the clock and changing the channel function back to Rnd.


a few other thoughts and questions:

Is there a way to make really slow LFO’s? Something like the Quadraturia mode in the original O_C or the Frames Easter Egg.

Thinking about the limit in memory on the teensy. are you planning to address that somehow to keep adding features?

Perhaps something like an applet selector so that they can be installed one-off by choice?

Or a hardware mod for more memory? I know the Audio Adaptor has a slot to solder on more memory, but maybe this is not the right kind of memory? I’m not sure just having a quick look.

I personally would happily run 2 O+C and could even see a feature split where one set of firmware would be focused on utility alone, and another on sequencing and more complex apps like enigma and darkest timeline.

just $0.02 – again, this is such a great firmware. thanks for all the effort you’ve put it!

Same here! Hemisphere changes my relationship with o_c. Such an amazing tool.


I’m also a big Hemispheres fan. I got O_C for it’s quantizer but I rarely needed 4 channels of quantization so Hemispheres has been excellent for me. Honestly I’ve barely scratched the surface but for me it’s the best implementation of a multi-function UI in a eurorack module. I still haven’t messed with Enigma or Darkest Timeline but maybe one day I’ll give them a go.

@bmoren I like the idea of splitting the firmware between utilities and the more complex apps to make space but that’s probably because I don’t use the more complex stuff yet!

Thank you! Will install and try out Hemisphere soon.

Sweet! Losing the Hemisphere thread was my biggest concern with MF down, glad you made it over here! Was just about to go deep on Darkest and Enigma!

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