Hemisphere Suite Support

This is incredible – thanks for taking the time to share!

Great work - I do like a good PDF manual for tablet / phone use, so much appreciated!

Honestly it was about 5 minutes of work but you’re welcome!

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I’m trying to use Norns midi to control Midi on Hemespheres, can’t figure out how to get it to do anything. When I try Norns Monitor script I can see notes from my Lpk25 but the o_C receives nothing whatever combination of midi channels I set on either/both devices.

I have the keyboard as Norns midi device 1, and the Hemespheres does appear in the devices list, I have it as device 3.

Tried Midi Out on the o_c and got it to work with Molly the Polly, where I had to set midi device to 3.

So, I need to somehow set the midi device in Monitor? But can’t find any setting for that

Thanks for any ideas

Hi! I have a basic question re O&C hemispheres. (I just switched to the logarithmic version but I was having this question with regular hemispheres too)

I use an external clock source plugged into Trigger 1 and am having problems getting both sides of Hemisphere to follow the clock. I’ve played around with the Internal/Forward clock settings but so far I can only get one side to follow the external clock. Is there an internal sharing of the clock source?


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if you hold down the left encoder for a couple of seconds it should share the clock across both hemispheres, you get a little clock icon in the top of the screen


I think the issue here is that Norns doesn’t natively forward midi inputs to the output. You could try adding Passthrough to the script you want to use and that will make it work. :ok_hand:


Thanks, will have a look at that. Can’t actually remember right now exactly what I was even trying to do :smiley:

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I’m not fully groking what I did to get it to work, but I think I did what you suggested and its working.

Question, in Forwarding mode, can you choose which hemisphere takes the external clock independently? That would be ideal.

Also, if I have two sequencers loaded, can I configure them to run at different multiples of the clock?


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Yes. Forwarding means that clock coming into the left hemisphere is used in the right. If you want to clock left and right independently, turn off clock forwarding.


Thx! Too bad on not being able to change the multipliers. Would be nice to run one sequence at 1/4 speed but have them in synch.

I have an Ornament and Crime with Hemisphere suite, and I was looking to use my OP-1 as a midi controller, and use Captain MIDI to do MIDI → CV from the OP-1, would that work? I’d need to find a mini USB-B to mini USB-B cable which I understand is a bit of a freak of nature. Is anyone doing that already?

That would work only if the OP-1 can be a class-compliant MIDI host. That’s not a very common feature among synths, but I don’t know much about the OP-1.

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Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has run into some behavior with BootsNCats where the Kick channel has a distinctive pop/click to it on some gates. Someone on a Discord I’m in said it might be related to the oscillators not reseting to 0 on trigger inputs. Is this widespread, or possibly just related to my unit? Any help would be appreciated.

distinctive pop/click to it on some gates.

Yes. I remembered trying it once and having that experience so I just gave it another whirl and same thing - for me I’d say it’s about 50% of the output hits have a click at the start and 50% are just the soft thud, but it’s not a 1-1 kind of thing. I have plum audio 1u o_C, both mk1 and mk2 and they both do it.

I have other ways to make drums and other uses for Hemispheres, so I didn’t sweat it too much when I found the problem.

Yeah that’s my experience too, unpredictable as to when it will happen.

For me, that’s not the main reason I got uO_C but is definitely something I’d use a lot, since I have a small rack and it’s not really drum-focused.

Hey all! from listening to the most recent Hanging Out With Audiphiles podcast, I had the idea to also mimic the pitch offset behaviour of the CS70, as demonstrated here:

I’ve got a patch going at the moment which is working pretty well, using an offset going into Scale Duet mode, with only the root and fifth notes enabled, which is then added it to my original note cv.

I’m using two mutable shades’ as my adders for this, and a scale duet on each hemisphere. On each shades, the first shades channel ouputs the cv to go into a Scale Duet. The quantised (1st and 5th) voltage comes back into shades channel 2 which then is added to the original note cv going into shades third channel, then out to the oscillator.

The thing is, for the duophonic effect I need to run Scale Duet on both hemispheres and use a shades for each voice as well. Also I have to run a square wave into the triggers so I get continuous quantisation.

I feel like there is a better way to do this, either with dual quantizer and a custom 1st&5th scale defined. Or with Squanch? I can’t work it out though.

Any ideas? It would be very impressive to be able to do it within hemisphere suite, or at least get away with just using one hemisphere for the quantisation.


Not sure if these will be of interest to anyone else but I’ve been having a play with the Hemisphere code recently and have a couple of branches.

Minor changes to the Scope applet to allow you to select which input is drawn and which is printed, or draw both where input 1 is X and 2 is Y.

Replaces MIDI Out in this branch
A port of my norns script - select a scale and root and it moves through the notes in one octave by rotation (rot) amount, looping round when it gets to the end. Rests can be added in a Euclidean style and the last X steps played can be locked and repeated.

Gate 1 - Clock
Gate 2 - Toggle lock
CV 1 - Rotation amount
CV 2 - Root note
Out 1 - CV
Out 2 - Gate



Copying from my post in the ornament and crime thread:


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this…
I have a MIDI drum pad (Alesis Sample Pad Pro) that has 8 pads, it has MIDI out over USB so I’d like to use Captain MIDI to receive the MIDI signal and send
individual triggers out for 4 of those pads. So pad 1 triggers O_c output 1, pad 2 triggers O_c output 2, etc.

I’m setting the Sample Pad Pro to MIDI channel 1, and using Norns Passthrough to send to O_c. So the signal chain is:
Sample Pad Pro → Norns → Ornament and Crime → Various Module trigger inputs

I’m seeing the triggers actually come through in Captain MIDI, however all the trigger outputs fire when any of the pads are hit. In the Sample Pad Pro settings, I’m able to adjust the MIDI note sent by each individual pad. The options are MIDI note numbers [00-127].

Is there a way to set up Captain MIDI to only react to a specific MIDI note for each output?

Any help is appreciated! And yes, I realize this is an extremely convoluted setup but I think it will be sweet if I can get it working.

There’s no way to filter by note number. If you’re able to send each pad’s note on a different MIDI channel, then it could work like you want.