Henning Watkinson - Channels (Argeïphontes Lyre)

Dear liners,

i’d like to draw your appreciated attention to my debut album ‘Channels’ which is out now on bandcamp:

Very happy to finally be able to share it!

Some info on the process:

It usually started with an idea for a set-up or finding an interesting one through experimentation,

then I recorded pretty loose improvisations, setting the feel, timbre and atmosphere.

(source instruments were mainly electric guitar and good old DX7)

The audio was then processed and deconstructed, for the most part using Argeïphontes Lyre by @AkiraRabelais, a beautiful piece of software which became somewhat of my musical partner here.

The processed material was only much later edited into a structure or composition.

A bit like shooting film experiments and finding the form afterwards in the cutting room…

Rashad Becker did the mastering which i am super happy about.

Hope u like it too!


p.s. if your interested, find some additional stuff here: Login • Instagram


Oh man, I really like your choice of Instrumentation and software! Am a fond Argeïphontes Lyre user as well. I enjoy the opening track, will need to return to this later when I have more time.


These looping chops are so cool. Really luring me into a mood and a groove. Really enjoying it! Feel like I am on a journey for sure. Great work!

How did you manage to arrange this without loosing track of how long something has been going for? Did you take long breaks and come back to it to listen fresh, or just live inside the music for a while?


Thanks, Kristoffer - means a lot!
Actually, the editing process went relative swiftly - took me a month altogether.
It helped that there was a gap between having made the initial jams and the time of editing, so I came fresh to the material and could easier decide which direction a piece should take.
Also, I was alone and in a remote place in the country for that period, which was essential.
Definitely needed to get into the zone for each piece…
Glad you enjoy it :wink:


Thanks for sharing your beautiful album and some of the process behind it.

Argeïphontes Lyre is such an interesting piece of software, albeit indecipherable. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and know as much about it now as before I first opened it up. I guess that’s part of the charm :slight_smile:


Congrats on the release! Fabulous, lush sonics for my ears and synapses to imbibe. Thank you.


Yeah sounds like that might be a good trick. Have a big break, and then do it quite fast to not loose perspective. Whatever the trick you landed this one on the right leg, good job!


just finished a video for the opener ‘elsewhere’:

no cgi involved :wink:

art direction & camera by philipp bünger, very much recommend to check out his stuff, too: [http://www.philippbuenger.de]


This is really beautiful. So agree with the comment above about your looping chops. The song structures feel really compelling to me. There’s a ton of complexity, movement and surprises, but it never feels cramped or frantic.

I also really dig the dryness of the mixes, the textures have so much space to breathe.

Really inspiring stuff.

I used to be obsessed with argeiphontes lyre back in the mid 2000s. You’re making me want to explore it again.


thanks for listening and the kind words -
glad you like it!

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Sounds great. Did you share this per chance, with @AkiraRabelais ?

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