Henri Cartier-Bresson

so, this gallery
has almost all of these prints
in Santa Monica, CA
by henri cartier-bresson
famous images, and 'perfect photographs
as yet unseen(at least by me)
it’s a heads up
and also,
what does it mean?
photochemical reproduction is very
19th century/this show is Awesome,
and the prints are not better than some reproductions available online
I dig henri cartier-bresson’s style of photography :slight_smile:
it’s all about the 'image
'the decisive moment,
he was guessing on exposure and aperture
and the full frame image was more important than any print
what is Art (or Music) in the era of digital reproduction…


As a someone who has taken photos daily for most of my life (and who loves lecia cameras) HCB has been a huge influence on how I see things when out in the world. his works is fantastic.