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Congrats on the release!

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Is Crow able to receive messages from Pure Data?


It’s finally here! So excited for this release. Looking forward to attempting to contribute to the llllllllibrary

wonderful—so much thanks to all involved!

yes— though we haven’t tested or created a translator. basically crow is just serial, so you can send/receive lua directly with pd’s serial object.


This is shorthand for the protocol used originally by Teletype for remote control of other Monome Eurorack modules over an I2C bus (jumper cables between pin headers on the rear of the modules). Communication over this bus is now supported by a number of different modules by different manufacturers: Mannequins Just Friends and W/, the dedicated TELEX expanders, O|D ER-301, the 16n faderbank, SSSR Labs Matrixarchate, and now Crow. Other eurorack players have hinted (?) possible I2C features, including Intellijel and ALM. In Crow’s case, transmitting arbitrary I2C messages to arbitrary addresses has been made generic and reprogrammable on the fly in Lua, making it easier than ever to expand the possibilities of the “ii” bus.

In my experience and @scanner_darkly’s , multi-leader setups with the existing libavr32 stack (TT/ansible/trilogy/aleph(?)) are usable, but unstable. In spite of some patches @scanner_darkly made to gracefully retry / give up on failed I2C operations instead of blocking indefinitely, I still experience crashes when sending a lot of traffic to TXo from both Ansible and Teletype (which is a ton of fun until that happens!). There is a lot still to figure out here and with the release of Crow I am sure some evolution of the protocol to work for more complex networks of devices will be very interesting.

Needless to say I have bought one of these and am thrilled about working with this ecosystem further.

More info: 1, 2.


Sorry to belabor an earlier question, but would it be possible to adjust JF I2C address for allowing multiple JF on one bus? Dual JF + TT + Crow would be a dream combo.


random side-note: crow is a STM32F722


LOL well looks like all of my plans for my rack are out the window cause this is going to be an insta buy for me. Really glad to see this out and about and in the wild soon!

Can it talk serialosc with Grid / Arc? EDIT: It cannot! Crow is not a USB host. So that precludes the direct use of USB MIDI devices, Grids, etc. without an external host / passthru.

Bolded for those scrolling fast :wink: Many answers to be found in the “Dreaming” thread.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

Just ordered. I’ve been waiting excitedly.


This looks sweet ! Well done! Looking forward to pairing it with Just Friends and max4live

‘- MIDI input on TRS cable (top-most input only)’ was mentioned, is this still planned?

yaya! congratulations! so excited for this.

thank you for your hard work @tehn and @Galapagoose and @dan_derks


Watching with a lot of interest. It’ll be a little while before I can buy, but congrats on getting this out into the wilds!

ja ordered!
20 char of excitement !

I almost bought just because of its credentials but then saw I would need M4L, sadly not a part of my setup as I’m not using Ableton and the licensed version is not appealing.

just a quick clarification: m4l is not a requirement for crow, just a manifestation. the m4l toolkit was made as an easy way to interface your modular with the Live environment, but crow is completely agnostic. you can do marvelous things with crow + a browser.

for those who do have Max (but not Live Suite), the [crow] object’s help patcher is pretty robust and can be modified very easily – I tried to fill that with as much copy/paste-able stuff as I could. the amxd’s could also be modified for general Max use – they’re all just MIDI devices. heck, you could feasibly even use Max runtime, instantiate the [crow] object, and open its help patcher for pretty immediate fun.


I want to jump on this so bad, but, but…I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by my gear lately (even after a significant downsize), so I think I’ll wait - with much excitement and enthusiasm - to see how crow develops for a bit! Y’all are gonna cook up some amazing stuff…


holy crow. excitement!