Here: crow

i2c ‘jumper’ cables can be found on the cheap! Just show your local store this:

The shorter the better, so long as extends between your modules, I don’t regret gettin multiple sizes.

The powered bus will be something like the @okyeron’s tt-busboard jr or the hard to find teletype backpack, or even @bpcmusic’s txb…

What are these things? Follow @tehn’s advice and read this AMAZINGLY helpful thread put together by @okyeron :

It can be intimidating at first, but once you start wrapping your head around it, the typical reaction is, “Oh, that’s all this is?”

Plus, since plenty of people have been patient and kind with me on this forum, I’m happy to pay it forward. Feel free to ping me if it still doesn’t click. I’m no expert, but I feel like have the basics down pat.


I ended up going with these 3 pin jumper wires because I didn’t want to deal with worrying about using electrical tape or heat shrink tubing to keep 3 separate wires together. It’s not labeled as such, but when you order a premade i2c cable this is what you’re getting.

Found the jumper leads at my local. Thanks!


@dansimco the only thing I will add is to make sure the wire lengths are long enough. I’ve been trying to sort out my 16n Faderbank i2c control of my ER301 and, because of the position of the i2c jack on the faderbank and distance from the back of the 301, its definitely not a stable connection. I even found that when I had teletype, Just Friends, and Ansible with a teletype backpack, it was a stretch to get the i2c cable i had on hand to where they needed to be…i still havent gotten i2c to work at all, but everytime someone mentions it they talk about how its fiddly and the shorter the wires are the better, but I’m not sure where the tipping point is…

Anyone have a guideline for the length range our i2c cables should try to fall into?

the cables should be as short as possible; longer cables make it harder for the i2c protocol messages to work.

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@lanserdj in Awake post:


How will I be able to concentrate today knowing this?


Time to go home with a mild dose of “bird flu” :wink:


Almost here: Crow


Mines out for delivery now! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


mine arrived this morning but I can’t play until I get a break from work, which could be days -_-


You are the first one to post the packaging :stuck_out_tongue:
Spoiler Alert!!!


I missed my delivery :frowning:

Are there any limits to the size of the Lua script that can be loaded onto crow?

It’s happening!!!

64 kilobytes of ASCII in user flash region


Hope it fits in the intellijel palette case. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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It will totally fit the palette case


Will it fit on the edge of a palette case?

readme currently says

8kB of local script storage


in addition the maximum script one can “run” from druid is 2kB. this PR would bring the maximum “run” size to be 8kB in line with the max upload size