Here: crow

Nice! What’s your crow ii setup here, if you’ve gone that route already?

Let’s see if I figured the Instagram thing out. First patch with First. Voices from ER-301 and Shapeshifter. Long Zadar envelope modulating input 2. The envelopes were a pleasant surprise. Not what I was expecting!


None so far. I’m an i2c idiot TBH. I was able to connect the teletype to just friends but thanks to the cable length and port configurations had to move the modules to less than optimal locations, and it’s too short to also reach any other module. I have an older TT so I’m not even sure where to start connecting it, ansible, JF, crow and 2 w/s. I know I need a busboard and some cables but that’s as far as I’ve gotten!

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Cool! We have a similar-ish 104hp setup, and I’m looking for some ii inspiration in terms of bus layout(s), especially with a TT in the mix. I think I’ll start with crow purely as a Norns CV bridge, but will experiment with ii and report my findings.

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First patch with Crow. I’ll try to get around to posting audio or video later.


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Adding in my first patch Norns Awaks–>Crow–>JF


and another playing with JF time knob, and patching one of the JF outs into 3Sisters for some noisey fun.



those are really new shoes


Beautiful, what did you use ?

thank you!

earthsea and crow i2c-quencing just friends processed and fmed by clouds!


Crow as a Norns CV expander couldn’t be easier/more awesome! I was able to add Just Friends output to Norns Earthsea in 3 lines of code! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


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started a new thread for druid scripts (and moved @voidstar’s post as the first entry!)


Progress! I relocated crow between JF and TT and added it to the ii cable between TT and JF. Can now play awake in JF! Also the study worked, but I had to change the pull-up line to false. Yesssss!


Is that update available?


Has anyone had trouble racking their crow? For the life of me, I can’t get both top and bottom screws in simultaneously. If I insert one screw, the other hole is just a tad too far away from the threaded inserts in my Intellijel 7U case. I’ve tried loosening up the rails on the case and adjusting their positioning a bit, but still no luck.

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no problems here, Make Noise skiff, though it was a bit tight

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It did seem more complicated than usual on my Monorocket case. I eventually got it to work.

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annnnd i need a clouds. seriously beutiful. thank you for sharing

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No. I didn’t take the time to add params for output or anything to make it “legit”. If you want to experiment with it, it’s a super simple change.

add this line to the init function:

Then on both lines 154 and 179, just under the engine.start commands, add:
crow.ii.jf.play_note((note) / 12, 5)

That’s all I added :slight_smile:


Will give this a go. If the crow is on the ii cable, then no need for the pullup right? Maybe obvious, but still trying to wrap my head around the whole ii/i2c thing. Thanks