Here: crow

Adding in my first patch Norns Awaks–>Crow–>JF


and another playing with JF time knob, and patching one of the JF outs into 3Sisters for some noisey fun.



those are really new shoes


Beautiful, what did you use ?

thank you!

earthsea and crow i2c-quencing just friends processed and fmed by clouds!


Crow as a Norns CV expander couldn’t be easier/more awesome! I was able to add Just Friends output to Norns Earthsea in 3 lines of code! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


mod edit note

started a new thread for druid scripts (and moved @voidstar’s post as the first entry!)


Progress! I relocated crow between JF and TT and added it to the ii cable between TT and JF. Can now play awake in JF! Also the study worked, but I had to change the pull-up line to false. Yesssss!


Is that update available?


Has anyone had trouble racking their crow? For the life of me, I can’t get both top and bottom screws in simultaneously. If I insert one screw, the other hole is just a tad too far away from the threaded inserts in my Intellijel 7U case. I’ve tried loosening up the rails on the case and adjusting their positioning a bit, but still no luck.

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no problems here, Make Noise skiff, though it was a bit tight

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It did seem more complicated than usual on my Monorocket case. I eventually got it to work.

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annnnd i need a clouds. seriously beutiful. thank you for sharing

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No. I didn’t take the time to add params for output or anything to make it “legit”. If you want to experiment with it, it’s a super simple change.

add this line to the init function:

Then on both lines 154 and 179, just under the engine.start commands, add:
crow.ii.jf.play_note((note) / 12, 5)

That’s all I added :slight_smile:


Will give this a go. If the crow is on the ii cable, then no need for the pullup right? Maybe obvious, but still trying to wrap my head around the whole ii/i2c thing. Thanks

It depends if you have other pullups active or not. I don’t have a powered backpack in my case, so the pullups are necessary.

My crow sits on the ii cable in between the Teletype and Just Friends, if that determines whether I have active pullups :slight_smile:

Yes, I have noticed in my intellijel 7u that the spacing is just slightly off. I have also noticed this with my three sisters…

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It wont “hurt”, either way. Try it without first, If it doesn’t work add the pullup line :smiley:

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yeah, same issue (Intellijel 4U). can only put one screw in. I’m fine with it but might be good to know for future batches @tehn

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I was able to get it in an intellijel palette, but I had to put one screw in loosely so I could push crow down before inserting the other screw. After that I was able to tighten both.

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