here: crow

Thank you so much for this :heart:

Ordered one right now and looking through the specs…
Software switchable pull-ups means I will be able to hook it up directly to Ansible and JF right?

Bluetooth? Does it mean the module can be connected to the computer with a Bluetooth dongle or does it have onboard Bluetooth ?

eep! I realize now that seems a little misleading if you haven’t thoroughly explored a Mac’s default serial ports :sweat_smile:

the dropdown just reports all present serial devices – you might have Bluetooth, MALS, SOC, etc.

so in that screenshot, a crow device just hasn’t yet been selected.

here’s when it has:

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Can you chain Crows? Or attach multiple Crows to a Norns and address them individually?

Oh Ok :smile:
Thanks for the clarification :wink:

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i2c cables are not included with crow (or TT or ansible), but they are very cheap and there are so many different ways to wire up. see A user's guide to i2c

the MIDI implementation was a last-minute hack/addition— and while it initially looked promising (ie, it worked great with the couple devices we tested)— when i went to do a thorough test of many more MIDI devices, some didn’t work— likely because the circuit addition was a minor tweak rather than a full MIDI design, which would’ve required more parts, expense, testing, and time. since it was never an original intended feature, we decided to scrap it. i made the mistake of announcing it early.

however — it’s still in there. the code is all there. it’s just there’s a strong chance that your favorite midi device might not work. so don’t bet on it. and we’re leaving the feature out of the official docs. at some point we’ll post a little clip of how it works for those interested.


currently the norns software doesn’t support multiple crows, but it will likely be something that will be added in the future.

chaining is the better option, via i2c. that’s a firmware update we’re planning for the future.


Congrats. Didn’t expect that, it sounds like a super nice introduction to lua. Was so intimidated with my norns, I’ll train my skills with this.

I’m planning to connect Crow to the ER-301 via I2C but for regular modules (without I2C & Teletype protocol implemented) do you think the amount of outputs can be expanded with one or more TXo+ ?

Also, can it “translate” MIDI to or with a proper standalone LUA script or does it require Norns for that ?

Edit: did not see Tehn’s reply about Midi before posting, sorry :wink:


very exciting… already ordered. Is the scripting tutorial for standalone mode a work in progress? It’s linked in the docs but nothing is there…

What do I need to order to connect this to my just friends directly? Anyone have a link to the cable?

You need some (3) DuPont jumper cables :slight_smile: (female/female) you can buy them on Amazon, Mouser, Farnell etc



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see four posts up

meant to indicate it was forthcoming… thanks for the reminder. it’ll be similar to the norns study (but much simpler) so that’s a good start.

ER-301 is not yet mapped out (neither trent or i have one)— but it’s incredibly simple to add new i2c modules— see as a reference.

if someone would like to make er301.lua and send in a PR we can release an update right away. i think the TT can be used as a reference implementation for the protocol.


Yes these ones for example

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So does sending a clock from MLR through Crow integrated (or planed or possible) ?


Thanks ! I’ll ask on the Orthogonal Devices forum if Brian or anyone else wants to do that :wink:

Edit: Created this for the ER-301 based on the Ansible file which seems to share the same set of commands not sure if it’s correct atm

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Can a teletype work with crow?

There’s an open issue which I will probably get started on the moment my Crow shows up, though it sounds like maybe the set of desired TT ops is still up for discussion (there looks to be a set of proposed Crow functions TT would support in the source). I’m finding the github issues to give some pretty good insight on a number of planned features and problems to tackle.


But wouldn’t both teletype and crow be masters? Does ii support multi-masters? Can masters message each other?