here: crow

Ooh. Love these. This sounds like a cool idea! Will try and post something.

digging this beauty and wondering if it can work as a MIDI 3.5 TRS to i2c (teletype) converter suitable for an er-301 by writing a proper lua script or it’s a totally different tool for totally different purposes.


assuming you have 301 and teletype…what exactly are you trying to do? you probably don’t need crow for the task :slightly_smiling_face:

and regarding midi via trs
that feature may have been part of initial plans but has since been scrapped iirc

dev team can correct me if i’m wrong

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I’d love to connect my MIDI controller to ER-301 via i2c,
so I just need a MIDI 3.5trs -> i2c converter like the Transit prototype by Drillionaire,
but I’ve seen there’s no ready solutions but tons of unfinished project.

Crow seems to be the perfect i2c control swiss army knife,
and if it could be good a MIDI to i2c converter for er-301,
would just be perfect.


@glia is correct. We scrapped TRS MIDI on crow before launch because it just wasn’t reliable enough.


i have a dumb question. can i connect a crow output to a device that simply has two pads - one for ground and one for voltage? e.g., i am wondering how i can solder wires to such a device so crow can send it cv. i have no modular equipment whatsoever so thats probably why my question may seem dumb - i don’t know if it makes sense to use crow without any modular stuff.

with context: i think crow+norns fits a recent aspiration of mine to make a polyphonic korg monotron delay (using 3 crow outputs for three pitches, and 1 crow output for cutoff). the korg monotron delay has a pad for ground and a pad for pitch voltage control that you can solder wires to and send voltages to. i used a little dac + a raspberry pi to do this before. if i can connect crow outputs to this, it would be awesome (crow 16bit > mcp4725 12bit! and i could control from norns!)

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could be wrong but i think @zuliani once had a modular format monoton delay. point in case though: it might be more rewarding to put the modular in the monotron than take the modular out of the crow


I did! But I never got around to soldering CV control over pitch — it was most it used for feedback loops with the out multed back into the in.

Actually, maybe I’ll finish the job this week… thanks for the throwback, @andrew!

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thanks @andrew its good advice. and i found there is actually a nice easy diy kit for eurorack compatible monotron.

@zuliani would love to see how you get along with your module!


You will not get polyphony out of a single MONOtron but a quick google search turns up quite a few mod tutorials to get pitch and gate cv into the little thing. It would likely be best to solder leads from those ground and cv pads to a 3.5mm jack so that you could plug and unplug a patch cable rather than hard wiring.

One thing to know (please someone correct me if I’m wrong) is that crow needs a power supply to function. There are some usb midi to cv projects out there that use the usb power (such as the mutable cv pal) if you’re only trying to add midi control to your monotron rather than dive into modular.

Sounds like a fun project either way!

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Just wondering if anyone can tell me if crow is black anodised aluminium?

Yes, it is. And custom-milled, too!


Great, thanks for that.

new crows have fixed alignment


any way to fix my original?

I very gently filed the holes on my original production run crow ever so slightly with a rat-tail jewelers file and then dabbed the inside of the hole with a sharpie to disguise the exposed raw aluminum that no one will ever see anyway… It is doable but I cannot say that this practice is officially supported.

(I urge caution as this can make some conductive metal filings that could short connections on the board if you do not clear them, specifically the fine pin pitch on the micro controller chip)


It may be possible to find panel screws which allow for some misalignment due to their undercuts.

Hey nice people I’ve just received ^^

It’s just me, or it’s been re-styled in some way? it’s always been matte? I remember a brushed black panel…

yeah the panel looks different depending on the batch
can’t recall if it was ever explained

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I’ve jumped around here looking for something about it, but I couldn’t find it actually …
Very excited btw

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