as you begin inputting sound, norns listens and stores hz values in a table. at a certain point [20 values, for now], it outputs these unquantized values as sine waves (up to 32, for now) in a randomly generated stereo field with random parameters. there are currently two different ways it handles these voices - “chords”, with all changing at once at random intervals, or “drones”, with each voice entering at a random interval until all have been played, at which point value 1 is then brought back in with random parameters. at the same time, softcut is recording 30 second [for now] buffers in the left/right channels. when the buffer is full, stereo playheads begin to jump around to random positions connected to the [random] timing of the sine wave actions/mode. a granular buffer is added to the mix w/ random params concurrently with softcut. sines/softcut/granular levels can all be independently & quickly controlled via encoders.


norns, sound input


begin by playing sound

  • left input -> softcut panned left
  • right input -> softcut panned right

k2: change sine mode
k1(hold) + k2: reset softcut buffer
k3: clear/freeze sines and begin polling again
k1(hold) + k3: randomize granular parameters
e1: sines volume
e2: softcut volume
e3: granular volume/speed

Note: audio directory here is created and stores softcut buffers. cleanup has not been implemented yet so feel free to delete those whenever if space is a concern.

restart after installing


v1.2.1 - (11.7 KB)


this will evolve quite a bit.

thanks to @zebra for the sines & @artfwo for glut


2o characters of :thinking:

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HERE is an artifact from last night, guitar in --> direct to tape

in my haste to just get this out THERE I forgot to mention that for now the softcut part of this expects two inputs. left input pans left, right input pans right.


v1.1 added

main post updated to give a much better sense of what is currently going on with this script


NEW v1.2.1 (hotfix) - available via Maiden project manager now

new engine, sleep & restart after installing. engine now incorporates granular (glut).

starting to get into more interesting territory, I think.


i’ve had this script loaded for quite sometime…but just haven’t ran it for some stupid reason…
really delved into it for last night’s session.
the graphics are amazing and they look like it sounds!

it’s on some Aux sends along with Cheat Codes 2 and Compass.

noiz weapons were the Solar 50, Wing Pinger and Tracker…


This is a fun patch, I also hooked it up to aux sends. Not sure how to tell if the buffer is full, so there’s a lot of unpredictable silence. I think the screen redrawing is triggered by the frequency polling locking onto a signal but not sure how full the 32 sine table is. The granular signal seemed to deliver silence. I was able to get the screen to get stuck on the picture of the two big bubbles connected by smaller bubbles, ??? in bottom left. It seems to be playing back my original input signal on loop, which might make sense because it was a sawtooth wave.

update, I think I got it to work good :slight_smile:

Sent it an unstable tone, waited for the frequency polling to flash by a bunch of times and now it’s really moving!

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seeing some action here might give me the nudge needed to finish updating this. I was working on improvements a few months ago but got busy with work and kind of forgot about it until now.

I believe the version you are using @lazzarello has a 30 second softcut buffer that is continuously writing after the initial 30 second recording (pre-playback). so if you stop playing, silence is recorded to the buffer. I think the sines are set to play after 20 tones are polled/collected. there is more control over that on WIP (I think I have it starting after 2 or 3 mainly for dev purposes, but it will be user editable). 20 is a lot, but the initial idea was to play for 30 seconds+ before anything really happened… at which point a lot happens.

granular needs some work as it is currently just looping the first 30 seconds. everything else is dynamic - this was kind of just tacked on. I’m still very much a SC beginner.


this concept is incredibly inspiring

i will test sometime this wk

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This was a little input from the Mobenthy Fourses module. I’m very happy with what came out.


@lazzarello this is totally great, and very close to what I had in mind when I made it but also something I haven’t done myself. I usually add a range of tones [edit: wasn’t hearing the really low tone without headphones] and somehow don’t think I’ve tried a synth through it yet, so this is really cool to hear.

@SPIKE always great to hear what you do with the noiz weapons. on first pass w/o headphones I couldn’t even pick out Here/There (not a bad thing!) so I gotta give it another spin.

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yeah…it’s woven into the fabric on that one…quit a bit going on with everything.
there will be quite a bit more in the next session.
excited to know you are doing even more with the script!

so i went everywhere with Here/There for last night’s session…

and the noiz results were quite interesting… :smiling_imp::

question…would it be possible to add some sort of visual feedback to the adjustments when turning the knobs or button presses?


Loving this script, thanks @speakerdamage !

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Oh, you have a tachikoma in your setup :star_struck:

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Great script! Perfect for blending various sources and live improvisation. Favorited it!


just digging into this script today (with acoustic guitar) and really loving the wonderful zones you can stumble into

I’d also really appreciate visual feedback on the knobs/buttons. Not experienced enough yet with electronic music to really know what I’m doing in this script sometimes (but maybe that can be a good thing too!)


Just back here to report that this has quickly become one of my favorite scripts right now. Really like how the sine tone drones give a nice, relevant, moving bed for everything.

And the abstract home screen is growing on me. I just spend my time on menu page when I want control, and spend time on the home page when I want to float :relieved:

A single, simple question: what does the “sine poll time” parameter control?


Love this script with acoustic guitar!


Wow that was calming.


Thank you! It’s calming until the bum note near the end.


Loved it. :relieved: